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The MovNat Side Bent Sit Reverse for Hip Mobility

The MovNat side bent sit (+reverse) is a staple when it comes to developing hip mobility and movement potential in your hips.

Some people are familiar with this position from other functional training modalities, but from their perspective, the position is called the 90° 90°. The difference between how we do it and how they do it is that we are not keeping our knees bent at a 90° angle.

That angle is good for isolating certain structures in a controlled environment. However, from a practical perspective, this is a sitting position, and having your legs sticking out like that is impractical, can be hazardous, and it's slow to react from that position or transition into different positions. Tucking the legs closer to the body in this context is the way to go.

There are lots of things we can do from here, but in this video, we explore the side bent sit reverse with a few variations. Click here, or the image in this post to see the video clip on YouTube where I explain and demonstrate this.

MovNat Ground Movement Side Bent Sit technique

This makes for a really nice morning exercise. There are so many variations and movements that sprout from this pattern, so make sure to keep it close to you.

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