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MovNat Natural Movement Training

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Physical Competence For Practical Performance

MovNat is a system of fitness and physical education that trains the full spectrum of human movement skills with the goal of developing physical competence for practical performance.

Natural Movement involves training practical skills that carry over into the real world. It can be incorporated in your routine in so many different ways and is a vital part in mobility development as well as healing.

MovNat includes locomotive skills:

  • Ground movement

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Balancing

  • Jumping

  • Climbing

  • Swimming​

Manipulative skills:

  • Lifting

  • Carrying

  • Throwing

  • Catching​

Combative skills:

  • Striking

  • Grappling

Practical Fitness involves the progressive development of human movement skills. These skills include crawling, climbing, running, squatting, jumping, throwing, balancing, lifting, and more. The result of reconnecting with your body’s natural movement abilities is that everything you do will feel different. Any sports or activities you do will feel easier, mundane activities like playing with your kids, doing chores, even getting out of bed will feel like you’re in another body. A complex and adaptable practice of movement patterns clears the mind and restores the mental state to one more restful and receptive.

Your body’s response to practicing natural movement will surprise you, and the resulting peace of mind, competence, and relaxed poise will reveal to you what it feels like to be your true self.

This type of exercise is mentally engaging, challenging and fun. It is easy to develop a natural, balanced physique just by getting better at these abilities, and progressing from your starting plateau through toward the discovery of your true self.

The MovNat Natural Movement training system is ultimately about utilizing the full range of natural human movement skills for fitness and physical education. It is a comprehensive, wholistic, and mindful approach, where our exercises are derived directly from the skills we are developing. It’s safe, progressive, and supports physical competence in all sports, activities, and other areas of life. This is the workout the human body was made for, and that’s what makes it fun and for everyone.

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