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Take the uncertainty out of preventing injuries by learning the foundations of ukemi...


Build confidence in the skills, functional flexibility & resilience that help our bodies prevent injuries through this Ukemi-focused training program. Learn to prevent injuries with fun and practical skills that naturally enhance strength, mobility, and balance.

❖ Easy to Follow Lessons

❖ Progressive Approach

❖ Self-Paced
❖ Attentive Support

Hone the unique Ukemi skills of martial arts and parkour to not only prevent falling, but safely and gracefully navigate the falls that cannot be prevented. We all have a lifelong relationship with gravity and the ground beneath us. The questions is, when you fall, do you think of it as bracing for an impact, or embracing an old friend? I'm here to reintroduce you to this old friend that you've neglected for so long.

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Enhance your fitness routine with specialized training designed for real-world application...

When was the last time you avoided doing something you wanted to do because you were scared that you might fall and hurt yourself?


Not that this is always a bad thing… But what is the threshold where something really becomes dangerous to you? You should be able to confidently fall with some degree of control, from standing or walking, and get back up uninjured. That shouldn’t be a gamble for any human being under normal circumstances.

Your body’s limitations define your capacity, and the time and effort you are willing to put in that, defines your success. This course provides the skills, the progression, the plan, and the means to break your body’s limitations regarding range of motion, stability, and body control.

In daily life, at the gym, out on the trail, in the dojo, or when out playing with the kids, there are things that you would like to do, but you don’t try because you’re not sure if your body can handle it, or if you might fall and hurt yourself. If you feel like this, you need to get to know your body better, and get to know the relationship between your body and your environment, i.e. the force of gravity.

You should be able to trust your body with confidence, and feel like it supports the things you want to do without any unpredictable setbacks. If you have progress to make in that department, I’m here to help.

Experience a wholistic mobility program that combines safe-falling techniques, strength building, & enhanced mobility...

You'll learn how to do breakfalls and rolls in any direction; joint mobility routines for the whole body; and strengthening & balancing exercises focused on building single-leg strength and stability. All delivered through dozens of short follow-along instructional video clips. This also includes daily training guides with animated gifs to demonstrate all of the exercises and variations.

  • Build strength, enhance mobility, and improve balance.

  • Master unique Ukemi skills from martial arts and parkour to safely navigate any fall.

  • Comprehensive benefits through fundamental safe-falling techniques.

Access the program easily on your smartphone or computer. Join today by opting in one month at a time, or purchasing it outright for lifetime access. Start refining your balance, strength, and mobility so you can move more confidently.

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