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December Movement Training Meetup

This is the first of our Movement Training Meetups. These meetups will take place once a month at local movement centers in Toronto. We'll all get together, and those of us who are experienced will have some skills in mind that we would each like to explore. If you are new, there will be more experienced people who will help guide you and help you get oriented. My focus is on Mobility development and practical skills such as climbing, vaulting, jumping, balancing, and building combinations of such movements in a mindful practice. I'll be working on some fundamental skills and will be happy to help guide any new people who need some direction. Others who show up might be there to practice other skills like tricking (flips and aerials), or more advanced Parkour techniques, so there will be plenty of opportunities to tag along and dabble in a few different disciplines.

This is not a formal class, but more of a social meet up that revolves around our common interest in the exploration of human movement. Everyone is welcome to bring family, and children. I'll be there for about 3 hours, but anyone is welcome to come and go as they please. There is no payment due to me for these meetups, but we each must pay the $20 drop-in fee required by the facility. December's Movement Training Meetup will be on Sunday December 17th at 12pm. Check out THIS LINK for registration details.


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