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Wellness Comes from Joy in Life

Choose a practice that involves ongoing improvement and depth!

When it comes to health and wellness, there are some things that we enjoy until we are used to them. At that point we get bored and move on. There are other practices that stay with us for our whole lives, woven into the fabric of everything we do.

Approaches to wellness and fitness that rely on superficial features to attract people, often lack the substance to keep peoples' interest. People grow tired of such fads and move on as soon as they have seen everything, if not as soon as they have given it a try. The problem with these fad approaches is that they depend on gimmicks to sustain peoples' interest. Approaches that fail to keep peoples' interests cannot bring joy and fulfillment in life.

People don't become bored of an approach that is capable of bringing true satisfaction no matter how many times they are repeated. Instead of seeing everything these practices have to offer, people learn to savor the experience as continued practice reveals new depths and more powerful experiences that have far-reaching implications on all aspects of their lives. The more they practice, the more is revealed, and there is no end to discovering what the practice has to offer.

One of the primary goals of Natural Mobility is to inspire people to enjoy themselves. Learning to experience movement on a deeper level as something satisfying and enjoyable in and of itself is a possibility open to everybody no matter their age, income, or level of capability.

Too often do people approach movement in health, fitness, and wellness as a means to an end. The word fitness promptly evokes the image of strong, lean muscles, visible abs, a good looking appearance and other attribute-oriented goals. But is that really what fitness is about? The word fitness itself describes "a state of being suitable (to your environment)". So really, fitness is about adaptability to your surrounding environment.

True fitness in the sense of wellness might mean unwinding the tension of unnatural daily sedentary activities with a mobility exercise practice. It might also involve progressively growing more accustomed to the way you can move your body in a variety of environments and contexts, such as crawling, getting up from the ground, falling safely, balancing, obstacle traversal, jumping, climbing, and more. It's all about exploring and letting your environment provide the context. There is no end to this kind of development.

With such a mindset, every moment of practice is a creative exploration involving engagement of mind and body, whole body movement, and physical problem solving. Such a practice can be as gentle or intense as you want to make it, as long as you enjoy it. It is very difficult to grow bored of a practice that values this mindset over an aesthetic or performance-oriented goal, which can always be the cherry on top of the cake if you like cherries!

Our approach at Natural Mobility especially lends itself most to those who wish to develop more flexibility, range of motion, and movement options that have real-world relevance. Those who wish to simply improve their overall level of health and quality of life will find a unique and concise approach outlined in simple language with the door always open to go deeper. Also, those who are concerned about their physical condition or personal habits as well as those searching for more meaning in day-to-day life should find something of value in the practices shared.

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