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The 6 Elements of Coordination

One of the great boons of MovNat is how we approach the refinement of technique. It's all about building efficiency in movement, which is actually more like sculpting than building. You don't add efficiency to create efficient movement. Rather, you chip away at the inefficiencies.

Efficiency can be basically equated to a high level of coordination. The factors that make up coordination include: breathing and positioning, sequence and timing, as well as tension and relaxation. Understanding how to refine and consolidate these elements allows us to build up any movement to a high level of efficiency.

MovNat is not just about the interesting movements that we use, but the approach used for improving and excelling that have broad implications. Watch the video for a brief, but more detailed breakdown and explanation of this, by clicking here, or on the image in this post.

MovNat Sliding Swing Up

These principles are far-reaching and universal and once you understand them, you can apply them to anything you're doing with your body, in terms of how to improve your efficiency in the movement.


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