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Unlock your Knees with this Meridian Exercise

Here is a movement that helps to unlock our deep kneeling ability. This is the accessory exercise to the Spleen & Stomach Meridians in the Meridian Stretching System.

By pressing and engaging the muscles in the opposite direction, we prepare and warm up the muscles and nerves to allow access to deeper ranges. It's not uncommon to also feel interesting adjustments happening in the knee, hips, and ankles during this exercise.

Try deep kneeling before, then try the knee marching exercise, then deep kneeling again to feel the difference that knee marching makes. Give it a try if you have restrictions or discomfort in the deep kneeling position. Click the image below to watch the clip.

This is by no means a cure-all for knee restrictions here, but it is an exercise that will help a lot if done regularly. Check out our free Meridian Stretching guide and 21 day challenge on the Natural Mobility Website.


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