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Shiatsu Therapy

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Finger Pressure & Assisted Stretching

Shiatsu therapy is a Japanese method of therapeutic manipulation using the thumbs, fingers, and palms to apply pressure to the human body in order to correct internal disorder, treat specific issues, and promote and maintain health.

Shiatsu, modern massage, and other forms of manual therapies can be categorized by the method in which stimulation is given. Shiatsu can be described as the application of deep, soothing perpedicular pressure with many rhythmical changes to stimulation. The purpose of manual therapy is to work with a person’s natural healing force to correct any internal malfunctioning. Shiatsu was a name created to distinguish the practice of manual therapy from popular forms of bodywork only given for pleasure.

European and most Asian massage methods directly stimulate blood circulation to emphasize the release of stagnant blood in the skin and muscles. This goal is to release tension and stiffness resulting from circulatory congestion. Shiatsu, on the other hand emphasized correction and maintenance of bone alignment, joints, tendons, muscles, and meridian lines. The malfunctioning of these components distorts the body’s energy and autonomic nervous system, which in turn leads to all sorts of disease.

Shiatsu is possible to practice as a home remedy, though accurate evaluation is necessary for a professional result. It is impossible for the layman to pick up acupuncture, or chiropractics, and try to use it to help themselves, friends, and family, but Shiatsu is safe, effective, and simple to apply for anyone.

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