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The Four Pillars of Natural Living

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Four Ways We Can Control Our Health & Balance

This lifestyle guide is meant to help restore and foster balance in the body through simple considerations as to how we perform basic life functions. It is meant to be simple, easy to follow, and not at all a diet, exercise program, meditation practice, optimism brainwash, or anything like that! It is more about what makes movement, breathing, eating, and thinking natural; what makes it unnatural; and how to tweak the things you are already doing on a daily basis in order to optimize your health without making unsustainable changes.

Many of us remain unaware of the essential processes of life until some devastating dysfunction or disease demands our attention. These essential processes include respiration, ingestion, movement, and mental activity. These four functions work in unison to help avoid dysfunction and disease by regulating the body and keeping it in balance. Typically, imbalances begin as barely perceptible, but gradual "insults" from poor movement habits, shallow breathing, rushed eating, and negative thinking, increase the imbalance, eventually leading to pain, structural misalignment, and eventual disease. People these days, as our culture has rapidly grown apart from nature, need to reconnect with the natural principles of life through the interrelationship of respiration, ingestion, movement, and mental activity.

By bringing these four factors into balance, we can live long, healthy, natural lives the way nature intended. We can enjoy pain-free movement well into old age; enjoy delicious foods without the compulsory habits of overindulgence; and enjoy social interaction and entertainment media without feeling easily stressed out, insulted, afraid, or oppressed by our reactions to passing thoughts. The focus of Natural Mobility is largely movement, and when movement is natural, it is be graceful, efficient, effortless, beautiful, powerful, and without strain. There are specific parameters that make a movement natural, such as moving the whole body as one, control of the center of gravity, proper body-weight shifting, and exhaling with strenuous movements. As for the other factors, they have an equivalent effect on your emotional state, digestive health, and circulation, and all four factors influence one another; If one is out of balance, all are out of balance. The main points of this article are:

1) Respiration:

  • Breathe through your nose.

  • Take long breaths.

  • Make your breathing inaudible.

2) Ingestion:

  • Chew your food like your mouth is a blender, and sip your drinks (don't chug).

  • Practice some form of intermittent fasting.