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Ground Movement Workout 1

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Warm up:

Take your time and focus on your breathing and what you are feeling in your body.

Movement 1) Supine to Prone Lying Side Roll (x10 each side)

Movement 2) Forward Rocking from supine to bent sit (x10)

Movement 3) Bent Sit to Lateral Half Kneeling (x5 on each side)

Technique Focus:

Practice slowly, with an emphasis on control and stability. Use this time to self-analyze and refine the efficiency of your techniques.

Exercise 1) Shoulder Crawl for 50 meters total

Exercise 2) 10 reps x 3 sets Lying to Forward Roll followed by Lying to Back Roll

Exercise 3) Balancing Foot-Hand Crawl 50 meters total

Exercise 4) Inverted Foot Hand Crawl Carrying an Object 50 meters


Repeat the following 3-5 times with no breaks in between sets or exercises. Take your time, pace yourself, and don't rush:

Station 1) Foot Hand Crawl 10 meters

Station 2) Strength Get Up x 5 on each side

Station 3) Broad Jump x 10

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