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Functional Range Conditioning

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Evidence-Based Joint Conditioning System

Mobility Development involves training both strength and flexibility to increase usable range of motion. This training “bullet-proofs” the joints to prevent injuries, and lays a strong and flexible foundation for any sport or activity, including the general daily accumulation of tension and stiffness.

Functional Range Conditioning is a comprehensive joint training system that was developed by world-renown musculoskeletal expert, Dr. Andreo Spina, based on sound principles and scientific research.

FRC has three main goals:

  1. Increasing active, usable movement within a wide range of motion (mobility),

  2. strengthening the joints while increasing functional flexibility, and

  3. improving the function of the nervous system.​

This is done by refining the central nervous system’s connection and command of the articulations in your body.

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