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Ukemi & Injury Prevention Course
Fridays in June from 8-9pm


a 5 week course at Shinobi Village

From our perspective, preventing injuries is a three-fold path:

First and foremost, we must build resilient joints. That means both strong and flexible, like young bamboo. With joints that are strong and flexible in every direction, we can sustain impacts without sustaining injuries if the need arises. This training involves joint mobilization exercises like stretching, hanging from our hands, and joint rotations. We target the key areas most people in modern society need to improve: our hips, our ankles, our shoulders, our wrists, our spine, and the way they all coordinate with each other in the real world.

Secondly, we develop balance and body awareness through proprioceptive training. This expands our responsiveness to the world around us and improves our ability to stay balanced and the strength and awareness to control our descent when we do lose balance. This training involves refining the techniques of walking on balance beams at standing and crouching levels, a few single leg balancing and strengthening exercises, and other relevant natural movements.

Thirdly, we nurture our relationship with the ground by cultivating the techniques of falling safely. The word for this skillset, in Japanese martial arts, is "Ukemi" and means "to receive the ground". This skills mainly include techniques of transitioning quickly from standing to lying face down, face up, or on your side, then getting up again. To begin learning these skills, we first practice lying down in the end-positions, then we "fall" from a crawling position, and when we are comfortable, we can try from a crouching position, and then eventually build up to falling from standing in way that protects you from injury. These are vital skills that everyone should cultivate, especially if you feel intimidated by the thought of falling.

Improve the way you move and grow more confident, competent, and resilient through the improvement of your body awareness, movement skill, and physical capability. Bulletproof your joints, bolster your balance, and learn to fall with grace, because everyone is going to fall at some point, and whether you bounce back up to your feet or end up nursing an injury can be largely affected by the content of this course.

Register before May 15th for the $100 early bird price. (for all 5 sessions)

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If you have any questions before committing to the workshop please don't hesitate to get in touch now.

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