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Online Coaching

Online Coaching with Alex has one of three focal points:

1. You're looking for therapeutic exercises that help you recover from/prevent injuries, and develop mobility, and joint resilience. You want to learn techniques that help facilitate your natural self-healing potential, and to be doing the exercises that are tailored to improving your unique imbalances.

2. You want to develop natural fitness; to reclaim the practical movement skills innate to all human beings, and become conditioned to endure higher levels of intensity, volume, and complexity when the need may arise. You want something deeper than aesthetic body composition goals, and more interesting than arbitrary fitness exercises. Training to 'be strong to be useful/helpful' sounds pretty good to you.

3. Some people, like me, focus on each of those focal points as the Yin and Yang of a complete movement practice.

For your first session, we'll first have a short discussion to talk about your goals and expectations, followed by a movement screening, then I'll offer my suggestion and instruction for some exercises to start with, as a 5-10 minute daily practice. After that first session, I will build a program for you, including 30-40 minute workouts for you to do on your own. We'll take the first few session to teach you each exercise and movement, taking note of what needs improvement, and where your inefficiencies lie. After this initial phase, we'll schedule video meetings every month or 2 to do another movement screen and adjust your program to reflect your progress.

Between video meetings, you can send me clips of you performing certain exercises that you are uncertain about and I'll respond with some advice or answer a question. 

Online coaching can be tailored to match your time constraints, budget, level of commitment, and other variables, so the cost and time investment can vary.

The recommended duration of a session is 45 minutes, and the cost would be $75 + tax

Online Coaching

Inquire About Online Coaching

If you are booking your first session, please use the form below to send an email detailing what your goals are, how often you would like to train on your own every week, and if you have any injuries or other issues that you need to take into consideration.

Make sure you let me know if your goals are more related to self-healing and mobility, or if there are certain skills you're trying to cultivate, such as training to be able to do a muscle up, dive roll, improve running technique, or just develop better balance, for example. Let me know if your goals are more oriented toward your fitness level, strength, flexibility, or anything else like that.

If you're really into MovNat and would like some support and guidance in your preparation to an upcoming certification course, or just unlocking the Natural Movement skillsets in general, don't forget to mention that too. These kind of details in the initial email request for Online Coaching helps us make the best use of our time during our initial video meeting.

Thanks for submitting!
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