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Movement Therapy Treatment

This involves a combination of the Japanese Manual Therapy treatments practiced by Alex Schenker. Sotai for neuromuscular reprogramming, Shiatsu for relieving abnormal pain and tension, Meridian Stretching for improving range of motion and flexibility of the joints, and Kenbiki for tendon alignment.

The aim of this treatment is to assess the balance and condition of the whole body, then apply techniques to relieve pain and tension, restore alignment, improve range of motion, and help retrain the habitual patterns in the body.

Each treatment session concludes with recommendations of a few restorative or foundational movement to practice daily in order to maintain the momentum of progress between treatment sessions.

This treatment is offered as a home-visit, or in our private treatment space at The Shinobi Village in Scarborough, Ontario.

Cost: $100/hr +HST

Note: Home-Visit will also include a $10-$30 travel fee depending on your location.

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