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Sotai & Shiatsu
Manual Therapy Treatment

Sotai & Shiatsu are both manual therapy modalities emerging from Japan. They combine both modern medical science with deeply effective traditional healing methods based on the meridian system. They are deeply effective therapies for treating abnormal pain and tension in the body, restoring postural alignment, facilitating healing after an injury, treatment of chronic issues, and as a potent preventative medicine. 

Shiatsu involves mainly thumb, finger, and palm pressure, not only to a problem area, but also to distal parts of the body that have a connection to the problem. Shiatsu also involves assisted stretching, and techniques where the therapists moves your joints passively through a certain range of motion.

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Sotai is an active treatment method. It involves comparing two movements to determine which is less strenuous, then the recipient moves their body in that direction while the therapist applies gentle resistance. This is all synchronized with respiration, and guided by the therapist, and the result is a reeducation of the neuromuscular system and the improvement of a person's postural alignment and tension patterns.

Another modality worth mentioning that is part of Alex's practice is Kenbiki Therapy, a method of treatment that addresses the alignment of tendons. This is a very effective compliment for Shiatsu and Sotai, especially when addressing acute injuries such as sprains, but is not something that is necessarily used in most treatments.

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