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Online classes ranging from self-healing & injury prevention to mobility & athletic development.

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My new Online Class Subscription is all about building practical flexibility, functional strength, preventing injury, and relieving  abnormal pain, tension, and structural misalignment. Each class draws on the knowledge and skills that I have acquired and would like to share with the world.


In each class, we'll explore a certain theme. This may revolve around supporting a certain joint or part of the body, reviewing a methodology, such as a focus on the meridian stretches, or breaking down a certain skillset, such as breakfalls and rolling for injury prevention.


Throughout the month, you'll receive four 30 minute prerecorded videos released at a specific date and time, and you'll have the flexibility to watch it and follow along whenever is most convenient to you. By prerecording the videos, we open the possibility to higher audio and video quality. We'll cover a variety of topics each month, but over the course of each season, we'll touch upon the following topics:


  • Dr. John Kirsch's Hanging protocol for preventing and treating shoulder issues.

  • Wrist and ankle mobilizations from both Shiatsu and Martial Arts conditioning.

  • Meridian Stretches that focus on opening and balancing the distribution of tension in the hips & low back.

  • Doshin for developing a deeper sense of body awareness

  • Sotai for correcting asymmetries in our structural alignment and restoring balance in our posture.

  • Injury prevention focusing on safe-falling techniques, along with the ​development of balance and single leg strength

  • Self-Shiatsu for Joint Health and relief of abnormal pain & tension

  • MovNat Natural Movement for developing our connection and ability to move freely and more naturally

  • Deep dives into other problematic joints and parts of the body.

The key joints we focus on are the hips & lower back, shoulders & neck, as well as wrists and ankles. When these joints are in balance, mostly everything in between starts to fall into place. Everything we do in these sessions are low impact, more technique focused, and accessible for anyone who would be comfortable in a restorative yoga class.

These classes utilizes a number of synergistic systems:

Meridian Stretching essentially focuses on increasing the active range of motion of your hips. Each of these stretches stimulates a head-to-toe chain of tension, so more than just the hips benefit from this. The hips are the seat of your center of gravity, so being able to access the full range of motion here can save your back, knees, and everything else in your body.

Sotai is about recalibrating your nervous system with a surprisingly simple technique that improves postural alignment through the synchronization of natural movement. This is all about neuromuscular reprogramming, but it all starts with cultivating body awareness. Some of these exercises are done standing, and some are done seated, crawling, or lying down.

Shiatsu Therapy is about applying pressure to specific areas to relieve tension, and mobilizing joints with passive joint rotations. This is especially good if you have specific problems, or areas of pain that feel like they need extra attention, but there are a few Shiatsu maneuvers that are great to do every day, such as "Ampuku" abdominal massage (which puts me to sleep every night,) and joint rotations for the wrists and ankles, to prevent injuries and stress from using tools, devices and driving.

The three above methods are Japanese therapies from two specific masters: Shizuto Masunaga (Shiatsu, Meridian Stretching) and Dr. Keizo Hashimoto M.D. (Sotai). Both of these masters utilized the musculotendinous meridians in their treatments, focusing on whole-body connections rather than localized treatment.

The principles of natural living that we delve into are based on Dr. Hashimoto's ideas, but we expand on the basis of natural movement to explore the full spectrum of human movement skills. This facet was inspired by Erwan Le Corre's MovNat Natural Movement system (+ his inspiration: Georges Hebert's Methode Naturelle), and Biomechanist, Katy Bowman's book: Move Your DNA.

It sounds like a lot, but as we work through the material, you'll get a clearer understanding of how it's all interrelated and practiced as a single system. This subscription class is the best way to take your time to absorb the methodologies and mentality that I'm trying to share.

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