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Natural Elements in Algonquin
Immersive MovNat & Canoe Retreat

Join us in consolidation with (your true) nature at a 3-day retreat in majestic Algonquin Park that combines canoeing, MovNat, self-treatment, and bonding with your natural environment. This year's event will be August 18th - 20th, when the bugs are mild, and the weather is warm.

In this retreat, we will be canoeing and portaging from Driftwood Paddle headquarters, to a suitable campsite, and from there, we will explore some beautiful places, each with with novel Natural Movement training opportunities. We'll break down and learn MovNat techniques applied to moving through nature, such as climbing trees, balancing, jumping, ground movement, stealth, lifting and carrying things (and people!), and more. This getaway will also involve an aquatic element that will include MovNat swimming techniques in the pristine lakes in the area. CK will be sharing his expertise as well in an exploration of the safety protocol and techniques for how to get back in if you fall out or flip your canoe.

This may sound pretty action packed, but there will also be low intensity activities such as guided forest therapy sessions, self-treatment & stretching sessions, as well as bonding activities such as cooking and eating together by the fire, and learning different bushcraft skills.

Last year was our pilot launch of this Algonquin retreat, as a collaboration between Natural Mobility & Driftwood Paddle, a canoe-trip company stationed on the edge of the majestic Algonquin park. Driftwood Paddle was founded by two brothers, one of which, CK, has gone through the training to become a MovNat Trainer, which is how I (Alex) met him. He invited me to collaborate on a similar event last year, which was fun, challenging, and at times relaxing and moving. I learn a lot from him every time we get out in nature together, and he is an excellent and knowledgeable guide who knows the land intimately.

Keep connected to my newsletter for more info on registration, but if you are interested, or have questions, I strongly suggest sending me an email through the form below.

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If you have any questions before committing to the retreat please don't hesitate to get in touch now.

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