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Ukemi for Injury Prevention

This is the online program that teaches you how to fall safely and confidently, but it's more than that. You'll develop functional strength and flexibility, more resilient joints, and better balance and coordination. Course Highlights: ❖ Over 2.5 hours of interactive video lessons delivered with expert video instruction ❖ Structured Curriculum with thoughtfully designed progressions for all fitness levels. ❖ Develop fitness naturally, through the more fun and engaging training context of refining practical movement skills, not just arbitrary exercises. ❖ Personalize your learning journey with adaptable pace and intensity. ❖ Visual Learning: Explore this course taught fully through video lessons, along with 20+ guided practice sessions with animated images as exercise references. Get the confidence and competence to adapt to life's uncertainties by nurturing your fluency with gravity and relationship with the ground. Enjoy the side effects of enhanced functional strength, mobility, balance, and confidence.



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