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Natural Mobility means to restore and maintain the natural state of our bodies, namely, our ability to move freely without pain. This means reconnecting with the evolutionary movements of our species, as well as stimulating the body's natural healing capabilities to bring us back into balance.

I'm here to suggest an alternative to the typical fitness and wellness approach, one that is focused on balance, functional movement, and continuous improvement.

This is an approach that will show you how to develop skills deeply enough that you can continue to cultivate them for your entire life, while giving you the kind of "fitness" that allows you to actually maintain your movement practice for your entire life.​

My name is Alex Schenker, and I'm the creator of Natural Mobility. I am a movement teacher and manual therapist who trains people in groups and one-on-one.

A lifelong practice of martial and healing arts has lead me to an approach that integrates movement with an emphasis on breathing and mindfulness in practical application. As I traveled further along these paths, I learned that they all share the same fundamental movement principles. It's all about movement efficiency and personal development.


What Natural Mobility Offers

  • MovNat Natural Movement Training

    Tuesday, Saturday


  • Bujinkan Ninjutsu Training



  • Natural Movement Private Session


  • Movement Therapy Session



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