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Find Your Balance
Through Movement

Start Your Personal Movement Practice For Self-Healing & Injury Prevention

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Discover The Facets of our Movement Practice

These programs are interrelated. First we need to cultivate our health and balance. Then we need to reinforce our resilience against injury. Finally we need to be able to move freely. These are vital life skills:

Cultivating Health & Balance

Mobility & Injury Prevention

MovNat for Natural Movement

Facilitate your body's own natural healing through the wisdom of Japanese Shiatsu, Sotai & Meridian Stretching self-regulation exercises and techniques.


This involves learning how to use palm and finger pressure to treat your own muscles and joints, stretches and joint mobilizations that you can do to make your joints more limber and free of restriction or pain, and special techniques to bring balance to your postural alignment. This is both preventative and complimentary medicine.

This program is adaptable and suitable for everyone.

This program is all about preventing injury, and thus includes joint mobilization exercises, safe falling techniques, and proprioceptive training techniques.


The mobility component is focused on improving mobility of the hips, shoulders, spine, ankles, and wrists. The proprioceptive training involves a focus on balancing skills. Ukemi means to receive. This skillset includes falling safely with proper breakfall and rolling techniques.

This program is scalable to suit all levels, though some may want to stick with the safer, initial progressions.

MovNat introduces you to the full spectrum of human movement skills, and imparts an approach to improving these skills that empowers you to continue to lead your own improvement.

This includes ground movement, the obstacle traversal skills shared with Parkour, and manipulation techniques of lifting, carrying, throwing and catching. It's about developing the physical capability to be useful and helpful to yourself and other in daily life, as well as in urgent times of need.

MovNat is the owner's manual for human movement in the real world.


What Services Does Natural Mobility Offer

The personal services that Natural Mobility provides includes professional Sotai & Shiatsu Therapy treatments, and Personal Mobility Training (in-person or online)

In-Person services can be scheduled at "The Shinobi Village" location in Scarborough or arrangements can be made for a home visit, including a travel fee. The cost for personal services is $100/hour. Treatments sessions can be scheduled for 60 (recommended) or 90 minutes, and training session can be scheduled for 30, 45 (recommended), or 60 minute sessions. Online mobility training involves creating a program for you to follow and guiding you through your progression through occasional video sessions and program revisions.

Free Resources

Providing access to free resources is something that is important to me. I was considering creating paid online courses on these subjects, but I feel that practices like self-Shiatsu, Meridian Stretching, and Sotai have the potential to really change lives, and shouldn't be hidden behind a paywall. I have already made a guide to the basic Meridian Stretching Sequence, which is a great starting point. I will gradually be adding videos to my growing Sotai and self-Shiatsu library on YouTube, to ultimately be organized into a guide on this website.

At the moment, a version of the Meridian Stretching basic sequence is available, which is a great place to start. Other free programs are in the process of being completed, so join the newsletter to be kept up to date on new releases and relevant articles.

MovNat-Based Parkour Classes
Wednesdays / 7pm


In this class we will focus on the skills of locomotion, particularly obstacle traversal. This includes balancing, jumping, vaulting, ground movement, climbing, as well as other skills that develop practical real-world functionality, flow, and freedom of movement. This can be approached from the perspective of play, that of functional fitness, and/or with the mindset of evasion for self-protection.

Parkour and MovNat have a common ancestor; the method called Méthode Naturelle created by French Naval officer, Georges Hebert, which shaped what we know now as the modern day military obstacle course. Everything in the fundamental Parkour skillset traces its roots back to Méthode Naturelle, but Hebert's method also included lifting, carrying, throwing, and catching, objects, fighting, and swimming. MovNat's role is to revise the 100+ year old Méthode Naturelle to better suit our modern era, and involves a very pragmatic approach to learning new skills.

We approach our Parkour classes through the MovNat lens, which is adaptive and approachable for everyone.

Workshops & Certifications

Mobility & Injury Prevention Workshop


Improve the way you move and grow more confident, competent, and resilient through the improvement of your body awareness, movement skill, and physical capability. Bulletproof your joints, bolster your balance, and learn to fall with grace, because everyone is going to fall at some point, and whether you bounce back up to your feet or end up nursing an injury can be largely affected by the content of this course.


Structural Alignment & Self-Treatment Workshop


This program is all about doing what you can to facilitate your own natural healing. This includes a movement-base self-treatment practices along with basic lifestyle considerations for the activities we have control over that determine our health & well-being. The three methods we utilize focus on reprogramming our nervous system, releasing abnormal tension in the body, and improving flexibility and range of motion through Shiatsu, Sotai, and Meridian Stretching.

MovNat Elements 1-Day Workshop

Take the opportunity to experience an immersive full day workshop taught by one of a handful of MovNat's Team Instructors, Alex Schenker. Our one day workshops are designed to introduce you to Natural Movement, and give you the most important basics that you can practice in your daily life. We will focus on areas that need the most improvement and we will teach you routines that you can use and practice at home in twenty or thirty minutes a day. This is a great introduction, as well as a perfect MovNat immersion for those who love and practice it! 

MovNat Certification Course

The MovNat Level 1 Certification program introduces the fundamental principles, movements and methodology of Natural Movement Fitness. Students learn how to train themselves and others using the MovNat method through home study materials, class lectures, beginner-level practice sessions and competency tests. Whether you’re an enthusiast or an experienced professional, Level 1 is the ideal starting point on your journey to becoming strong by nature. All abilities are welcome.

Meet Your Guide

What is Alex all about, what does he have to share, and where did the content of his program come from?


Alex Schenker

Natural Movement Trainer

Sotai & Shiatsu Therapist

Bujinkan Taijutsu Shidoshi (Black Belt)

I have dedicated nearly two decades of my life to freedom of movement & vibrant health. It is my vision to share what I have learned with those who can benefit from this and are ready to learn. To make it accessible for everyone, I want access to these resources to be available at no cost.

I was raised in a health conscious household and introduced to meditation, yoga and healing energy work as a young child. I also had the influence of strength training and a deep passion for martial arts as far back as I can remember, but started taking it seriously when I discovered Taijutsu in 2004, earning my 5th degree black belt in Japan and becoming an instructor (Shidoshi) in 2017.

This all worked together to influence my enrollment in a 2 year Shiatsu diploma program in 2005 that included meridian stretching and Sotai therapy. I have been practicing professionally ever since, and teaching the self-treatment techniques that go with these therapeutic practices.

In 2015 I discovered MovNat, and in 2018 became a master trainer, and now as a team instructor, I teach the trainer certifications, workshops, and classes as well as one on one sessions.

Through the therapeutic modalities I can address foundational imbalances and help resolve issues of pain, tension, dysfunction, and misalignment. MovNat helps to build a solid practical foundation in the way we move as human beings. Ukemi from Martial Arts teaches us how to fall safely and prevent injury. To me, this is a complete system that can be used to bring your body back into natural balance in every way. Each element a vital piece of the puzzle.

I enjoy working with people one on one, as well as sharing skills and working together as a group. I hope to meet you and work together some day soon!

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