Health, Balance, & Adaptability

Through Natural Movement

This is Natural Mobility

Natural Mobility is a wholistic movement approach, made to bridge the gap between self-healing exercises and real-world fitness for people of all levels of physical capability. This system is designed to improve flexibility, mobility, and natural body alignment, as well as to develop strength, power, coordination, and physical adaptability for any given situation.

Whether you want to focus on the therapeutic side of personal development, the more dynamic side, or are looking for a balance between the two, Natural Mobility is here to guide you as you on your journey.

What Natural Mobility Offers

Alex Schenker

Manual Therapist
Natural Movement Master Trainer

Licensed Martial Arts Instructor

Alex Schenker is a health educator, movement coach, martial arts instructor, and manual therapist with over 15 years of experience in the health & wellness industry....


“Alex is very knowledgeable, forthcoming, and articulate in the way he explains things, making it simple to understand how so many movements and principles are linked... I feel more aware of my body, not only while training, but more importantly in daily life. ”


—  Rose Anne


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