Health & Balance Through Natural Movement

There is a key difference between what is natural and what is innate. Something that is innate is with you from birth, but something natural is the result of the influence of your environment and circumstances. We aren't born with the ability to crawl or walk, just to scream, wriggle, eat and grip things. It's not until we start adapting to our environment that we develop the ability to move and do exceedingly complex tasks.

Movements like dancing, sports, and other specialized pursuits all build on a foundation of non-specific natural movements. Undesired specializations such as excessive driving, computer work, and other repetitive activities that are the result of our modern lifestyles unfortunately cause imbalances and sub-optimal patterns of movement.

Quitting those patterns is often not a viable option, but we can use exercise therapy to "unwind" the tension built from these problematic, but necessary modern life activities. We are going out of the way of our natural evolutionary adaptations to integrate these tasks into our life, and we must make an equal effort to neutralize the negative effects of these activities if we want to continue doing them without setting the stage for distortion and abnormal pain and tension.

Natural Mobility is about educating people in how to take an active role in reversing the issues that our modern activities  result in over time, and reclaiming our full range of motion and practical movement options.

We offer online training, personalized mobility programs, courses, in person training and therapeutic treatment based on Sotai Neuromuscular Re-education, and MovNat Natural Movement.

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Alex is a great health & fitness professional with variety of skills and knowledge. His treatments helped regain mobility and eased the pain I had in my neck after an accident. 

—  Daiki Matsumaru