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Resolve Pain Patterns, Improve Posture, & Move More Naturally

If you experience abnormal pain, posture issues, restricted range of motion and a general feeling that your body isn't holding up for how you want to use it, you need to approach your movement lifestyle differently. This includes your physical training, but also your habitual patterns and the way you move in daily life. Learn the tools that will help you restore and bring balance to your body while improving strength and flexibility, and building the foundation of natural fitness.

Ground Movement, MovNat, Natural Mobility, Alex Schenker in a deep knee bend deep squat

Online Class Subscription

Train online with guidance and instruction from Alex to learn self-healing techniques, develop mobility and joint resilience, learn  how to breakfall, and start developing your athleticism in 4 classes per month. Inlcudes early access to raw footage for future YouTube videos, access to private discussion board where you can ask Alex questions about what you are learning, and special member's rate for services.

Ongoing Classes


Alex Schenker, parkour speed vault, movnat side vaulting

Treatment Sessions

image 5 - manual therapy_edited.jpg

Alex offers Sotai & Shiatsu Therapy treatments for structural alignment, and relief from abnormal pain and tension. These sessions include an assessment and personalized mobility program that takes less than 10 minutes per day, to compliment the treatment process.

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