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Renew Your Vitality:

Relieve Pain, Improve Mobility, and Safeguard Your Active Lifestyle from Injuries!

Welcome to Natural Mobility—empowering your well-being through a transformative approach that integrates movement therapy, injury prevention, and natural fitness.

Liberate yourself from pain, enhance functional strength, and unlock your innate movement potential for a life of vitality.

Ground Movement, MovNat, Natural Mobility, Alex Schenker in a deep knee bend deep squat

Online Course

Alex has been hard at work over the last year at Natural Mobility putting together an online mobility training program with video instructions and a structured progression. The first course is all about Injury Prevention, exploring joint conditioning exercises, balancing and single-leg strengthening, and breakfall and rolls. It's all taught through deep step-by-step progressions, so you can take as long as you need, or blaze through it as quickly as you want. This is just the first of several planned courses!

Ongoing Meet-Ups

Monthly (no cost)


Home-Visit Treatment Sessions

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Alex offers Sotai & Shiatsu Therapy treatments for structural alignment, and relief from abnormal pain and tension. These sessions include an assessment and treatment along with recommendations for daily mobility work to help support your ongoing improvement between treatment sessions

Personal Mobility Training

Alex offers mobility training session based on MovNat and other modalities like Meridian Stretching, Sotai exercise, Martial Arts conditioning, and more. The goal is to improve functional flexibility, joint resilience, and freedom of movement. 

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