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Natural Mobility workshops are designed for people of all levels of fitness and physical capability. This is a well-rounded way to bring your practice to life and progressively learn and improve. Group training allow us to hone in and focus on how to go about developing a specific skill, or delving into detail with one of the disciplines of Natural Mobility.

Workshops Overview

Fundamentals of Natural Mobility

Natural Mobility’s Fundamentals Workshop is a 2 hour workshop where you will learn the foundational movements of the 5 disciplines, including progressions, variations, and modifications for all skill levels. Explore the 6 Meridian Stretches, basic Self-Shiatsu techniques, foundational Sotai structural rebalancing exercises, basics of safe-falling, and Natural Movement in daily life.

Restorative Exercise for Natural Movement

This is a 2 hour workshop where we learn and break down simple natural movements in daily life and introduce restorative exercises that build a strong foundation to change the way you move. The goal is to identify and rewrite movement inefficiencies and self-destructive postural habits that perkelate into everything you do in daily life. This workshop is a collaboration between MovNat Master Trainer Alex Schenker and Carol Robbins, instructor of Katy Bowman’s Restorative Exercise. It is very low intensity and suitable even for those who are intimidated by the idea of a movement workshop, or have mobility issues.

Escape for


This workshop is for learning how to protect yourself by disengaging and escaping. You will learn how to identify the 3 different types of violence, basic, easy to learn techniques that allow you to easily to break away from someone trying to restrain you, even if they are stronger or more skilled. Most importantly you are learning the difference between a fighting mentality and an escape  mentality when responding to dangerous situations. This workshop is taught by a licensed and qualified martial arts instructor.



A course of 4 classes focused on the fundamental techniques and principles of Taijutsu including striking & kicking, joint controls & grappling, flowing between combative postures, leaping, rolling, break-falls, and more. Each class begins with stretching, breathing exercise, & some basic movements.

Rise Wellness Retreat

Treasure Beach. Jamaica

The vision of Rise Wellness Retreat is to responsively introduce people to the practice of microdosing psilocybin in a safe, legal, relaxing, and beautiful setting with a well-trained team of professionals as facilitators. The research on the therapeutic potential of this medicine to treat anxiety, depression, and stress disorders, as well as addiction is compelling. We are the first retreat in the world to provide the legal experience of psilocybin microdosing.


This retreat is an all-inclusive experience that includes movement classes, workshops, and lots of physical and creative activities while allowing for plenty of free time. It also includes Shiatsu and Sotai therapy sessions for alignment and tension relief, and sessions that integrate existential, expressive arts, and cognitive behavioural therapy. The elements of this program are provided by qualified professionals with over a decade of experience in their respective fields.

MovNat Elements

1-Day Workshop

MovNat one day workshops are designed to introduce you to Natural Movement, and give you the most important basics that you can practice in your daily life. We will focus on areas that need the most improvement and we will teach you routines that you can use and practice at home in twenty or thirty minutes a day.

Basics of MovNat

2-Hour Extended Class

Experience an overview of the full spectrum of Natural Movements in the MovNat skillset, including a ground movement warm up, an extensive emphasis segment where we look at the mechanics of techniques in every category of movement like crawling, balancing, jumping, climbing, lifting, throwing, and more.

Class Schedule
Ongoing Classes
MovNat Natural Movement class focused on Parkour skills on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7pm
Mobility Training class on Sundays at 11am
Check Our Event Schedule Page for Class Times
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Alex Schenker

Manual Therapist
Natural Movement Master Trainer

Licensed Martial Arts Instructor

Alex Schenker is a health educator, movement coach, martial arts instructor, and manual therapist with over 15 years of experience in the health & wellness industry....


Alex is a great health & fitness professional with variety of skills and knowledge. His treatments helped regain mobility and eased the pain I had in my neck after an accident. 

—  Daiki Matsumaru

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