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Taijutsu & Ukemi

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Ukemi is a Japanese term that means to receive the ground, and this art is about deepening our relationship and trust with the earth and gravity. Ukemi teaches us how to break our fall, roll, and prevent the loss of balance in the first place. This skillset is also a cross-section between martial arts and MovNat, and a vital skill that everyone should become proficient in to prevent injuries in daily life and boost confidence in your movement. I feel like the combative nature of martial arts is an intimidation barrier preventing people from learning the skillset of falling and rolling, so I like to teach it on its own in a way that everyone can start learning.

Taijutsu is an umbrella term in Classical Japanese Martial Arts to refer to unarmed techniques, but more deeply, it refers to the way of moving the body naturally. Our lineage of Taijutsu is the method practiced by the Shinobi Warriors of Iga, Japan, with a deep and rich history. Our art involves techniques of fighting with weapons, unarmed techniques for striking, kicking, blocking, grappling, and throwing, and methods of escape, evasion, exfiltration and infiltration. I do not teach regular martial arts classes, but I do teach an occasional fundamentals course and am open to teaching any students who are willing to put in the effort and regularly practice what I show them. Please use the contact form to get in touch if you would like to ask about guidance for your Taijutsu training or inquire about the next fundamentals course.

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