Fundamentals of Taijutsu

In this course we will introduce, and deepen our ability in the basic principles and movements of Taijutsu. The program for this course includes:


Striking & Kicking - striking & kicking technique, basic foot & fist formations & application

Grappling - Fundamental wrist joint controls

Kamae - Basic combative postures


Rolling - forward & backward rolling for quick recovery from a fall

Leaping - forward, backward, sideways, upward, and downward leaping

Break-falls - safe falling techniques for falling prone, supine, or laterally to the side


Ryutai Undo (dragon-body method) - stretches & mobilizations for limbering the body

Kokyuho (breathing exercise) - breathing & moving meditation


This course is meant to introduce new students to the foundational techniques of our practice; and for experienced practitioners to refine the underlying movements behind all of our techniques. There are a great number of advanced techniques in our art, and studying them all certainly increases the breadth of our knowledge, but honing in on the fundamentals is an opportunity to further develop the underpinning depth in our Taijutsu. This depth carries over to all techniques & related movements, and we can benefit at all skill levels from showing some attention to it's refinement. By the end of this course, you will have have learned some movements to practice on your own, a clear idea of what you need to work on to improve, and resources to review what we covered in the course.

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