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Train Yourself with Expert Guidance

Would you like to improve your flexibility, joint resilience, restore structural alignment, prevent injury, and learn how to move more naturally? This is the focus of my own training, and my purpose is to share the most impactful techniques and methodologies that have helped me and my many clients over the past couple of decades.

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Online classes ranging from self-healing & injury prevention to mobility & athletic development.

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How The Subscription Works

In this online subscription service, I share all of the instructional videos that I create in their raw form before they are edited and used for other content. This gives you access to classes, tutorials, and other interesting exclusive content months before it becomes public. I am currently working on some online programs, and creating the content for an app that I plan to release soon.

For the next few months, I'll be posting content that pertains to injury prevention. That includes some joint mobility videos, some breakfall and rolling tutorials, and some balancing and proprioceptive training, as well as access to the bulletin board where I share my plans for future content and more.

The following article will give you a clearer picture of my vision for this service:

Other Online Resources

MovNat E-Courses

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Online Courses that you can purchase to guide your practice. These are very well thought out programs with high production value, and each one has a specific focus, such as mobility development, natural fitness, a focus on fundamentals, or a guide to preparing for a certification, to name a few. Check the link below to peruse what is available.

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