Train on Your Own


Now you can start your Natural Mobility practice on your own time, anywhere. All you need is your body and a little open space.


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What Does it Involve

Natural Mobility is a wholistic movement approach, made to bridge the gap between self-healing exercises and real-world fitness for people of all levels of physical capability. Our system is designed to improve flexibility, mobility, and natural body alignment, as well as to develop strength, power, coordination, and physical adaptability for any given situation. With tutorial videos, and follow-along practice sessions, you can practice as you like and decide your rate of progression.

This project is a work in progress. New videos are regularly added, and a system fleshed out as we continue. I recommend that people start with Meridian Stretching, simple Sotai exercises, some Self-Shiatsu, and basic Natural Movement patterns.

Aside from the videos, there are some key concepts and simple lifestyle suggestion to consider before getting deeper into any structured movement practice, diet, meditation, or breathing work that can change the way you live in subtle but profound ways.