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Train Yourself with Expert Guidance

Would you like to improve your flexibility, joint resilience, restore structural alignment, prevent injury, and learn how to move more naturally? This is the focus of my own training, and my purpose is to share the most impactful techniques and methodologies that have helped me and my many clients over the past couple of decades.

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Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

How The Subscription Works

Cost: $30/month + tax

At least 4 class videos per month

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A balanced movement practice, to me, should have an element of restorative movement, an element of mobility development, an element of injury prevention, and an element of athletic development.

The proportions of what each individual needs to focus on may vary, but if even one of these elements are neglected, I believe that such a movement practice is incomplete or imbalanced. There may not be anything wrong with the things that consist of that practice, but if something is missing, my goal is to offer the tools and techniques to fill in the blanks.

This online subscription involves four classes per month, and each of those classes focuses on one of the aforementioned elements. It’s recommended to follow along to each video multiple times in the month to really digest the lessons.

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Restorative Movement Class (self-care techniques)

This class involves self-treatment techniques based on my experience as a professional Shiatsu & Sotai therapist over the last couple of decades. We learn to employ our body weight with hand and finger pressure along the meridians to relieve abnormal pain and tension by clearing stagnation with Shiatsu. With Sotai, we balance the function of our joints and nervous system to restore structural alignment.

Mobility Development (Flexibility & Joint Resilience)

Mobility is a harmonization between strength and flexibility of our joints. A joint that is only flexible has poor integrity, and if it lacks strength, it has a hard time resisting buckling under pressure. Conversely, a joint that is only strong becomes stiff and brittle, unable to absorb pressure, and increasingly limited in its range of motion. This class involves active meridian stretching, MovNat-based ground movement, and Doshin, the joint mobilization method of Sotai focused on cultivating body awareness and whole body movement synchronization.

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Injury Prevention (safe-falling)

Although mobility development itself plays a big role in injury prevention, and neglecting problems that require restorative movement increases the likelihood of hurting oneself, injury prevention in this class is concerned with developing the actual techniques of falling safely. This consists mostly of breakfalls and rolling, but also integrates balancing, single leg strengthening, and jumping on flat ground (especially the landing). Everything in this class works from the ground up, and is progressive in nature, so there is always something suitable for beginners and some interesting details and optional progressions for more experienced practitioners.

MovNat Athletics Session (Natural Movement Training)

This class is focused on developing our athletic capacity using natural movement skills that are innate to each human being. This class consists of skills such as lifting, balancing, jumping, throwing, crawling, and more. In each class we will explore 3-5 techniques, including the most important points and common inefficiencies about positioning and breathing, sequence and timing, tension and relaxation. We’ll explore easier, as well as more challenging variations. After briefly familiarizing ourselves with each technique, we’ll do a few rounds of a combo or circuit utilizing each of the techniques previously introduced.  We’ll finish off with a quick cool down. The level of intensity and volume you are subjected to in these classes is flexible completely up to you.

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A live Q&A session


I’ll be hosting a live Q&A session at the end of the month for those who can make it. If you are subscribed and can’t make the live session, I encourage you to send your questions by email, as I’ll spend some time reading and answering those questions. If any questions or challenges come up during your practice following my videos, please keep them in mind and bring them up during this session. I try to vary the time of day that I hold this live stream sessions each month, so that people in every time zones can make it work every few months at least.


Longevity and Quality of Life

I believe in each individual taking personal responsibility for maintaining their health, and I want to guide you to learn the tools and develop the mindset to continuously move toward balance and vibrant health.

Cultivating Freedom of Movement

Beyond the element of stimulating the natural self-healing potential of our bodies through restorative self-treatment exercises and techniques, these classes aim to build flexibility and joint resilience, to become strong and mobile enough to unlock your movement potential and build a body that supports the kind of movement and activities you enjoy.

Reclaim your Natural Fitness

Learn how to perform Natural Movements correctly from the MovNat system as we compose workouts based on the natural skillset innate to all humans. These workouts will integrate elements of ground movement, balancing, jumping, and more, with minimal equipment.

Free Meridian Stretching Guide

A great place to start are the Meridian Stretches. This is a set of 6 simple stretches that restore balance and mobility to body, especially the hips and back. This is one of the practices that I recommend and practice on a daily basis. The time required to integrate this routine into daily life, and the profound effect that such little effort yields makes this one of the most efficient routines to maintain, and only takes 5-10 minutes to work through.

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Online Courses that you can purchase to guide your practice. These are very well thought out programs with high production value, and each one has a specific focus, such as mobility development, natural fitness, a focus on fundamentals, or a guide to preparing for a certification, to name a few. Check the link below to peruse what is available.

Free Natural Movement Program

Another great resource is my program focused on MovNat and mobility training. This program is all about training to develop natural fitness and mobility using mostly the method of MovNat Natural Movement Training.. This includes a daily mobility routine, as well as 3 training sessions that you can do anywhere with minimal equipment. Everything recommended is linked to a video that demonstrates each movement. This is a great template to use and substitute exercises to tailor it to your personal needs.

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