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Structural Alignment &
Self-Treatment Workshop

Saturday, February 11th, 12-2pm


This program is all about doing what you can to facilitate your own natural healing. This includes a movement-base self-treatment practices along with basic lifestyle considerations for the activities we have control over that determine our health & well-being.

The practice we focus on in the workshop involves an exploration of three simple, yet profound technical skills of self-treatment, of Japanese origin, including: Shiatsu Therapy, a form of pressure therapy that follows the musculotendinous meridian lines; Sotai Therapy, a method for restoring postural alignment through neuromuscular reeducation exercises; and Meridian Stretching, a Yoga-like system of simple stretches and movements that open, relax, and tone the musculotendinous meridians.

Together these self-treatment methods activate the parasympathetic nervous system, correct poor posture and body mechanics, and improve range of motion while reducing abnormal tension and pain. This is the perfect compliment to working with a manual therapist, but also a great preventative practice for keeping the body in good working condition.

Alex, the instructor, has been studying and practicing these arts personally and professional since he began his 2 year diploma program nearly two decades ago, and wishes only to share the knowledge and practice that we all can cultivate and benefit from on a lifelong scale.

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