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Meet Alex.

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Restore & Strengthen with Natural Mobility.

Alex Schenker, Chief Instructor of Natural Mobility

Alex has been practicing Manual Therapy since 2007, and has also worked as a personal trainer and class instructor since 2015. As a movement and fitness professional, Alex is qualified to work with any demographic of clientele, however, he excels in mobility, flexibility, and movement skill development.​

Alex has been involved in the study and practice of human movement throughout his life. He was involved in martial & healing arts from a young age, which eventually lead him to manual therapy, Taijutsu, and the bridge between the two, Natural Movement.

Alex is a MovNat Master trainer, having completed all 3 certification levels, as well as the Aquatics and Combatives certifications. He is heavily involved in the MovNat Natural Movement curriculum and practice, teaching regular classes, 1-day workshops, and personal training for individuals and small groups. Drawing from his background as a martial arts instructor, Alex also teaches regular combatives classes and self-defense training programs.

He has been training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu since 2004 and received his Godan (5th degree black belt) in Japan in 2018. Alex attended a 2 year intensive Shiatsu diploma program in Toronto where he also learned Sotai, and Meridian Stretching. His certifications include MovNat Level 3, MovNat Combatives, MovNat Aquatics, Bujinkan Shidoshi, Kenbiki basic level practitioner, Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist.

Alex's treatment approach mainly involves applying deep finger, palm, and thumb pressure along with gentle joint mobilization and assisted stretches. This stimulates the autonomic nervous system to relax the body, relieving abnormal tension in the muscles and tendons to improve the function of joints and circulation to internal organs. The goal is to relieve stress and correct structural distortion to restore natural postural alignment.

Alex’s vision is to put the power of self-healing and personal human development in the hands of the people who need it most. Not only to offer people the tools to help themselves, but also to inspire a shift to a more proactive mindset about healing and training. He strives to empower people with the right tools and the right attitude to take control of their health.

As a Movement Teacher his goal is to guide people to use movements like Sotai exercise, Meridian Stretching, Self Shiatsu, joint mobilization, and MovNat's Natural developmental Sequence to restore balance in their own body to overcome their weaknesses before undertaking more strenuous forms of exercise.

Beyond that basic level of training for healing, Alex's goal is to reeducate the public in how to move their bodies more naturally in daily life and during physical activities. MovNat's scalable development of physical competence for practical performance allow for the development of movement skills, and natural fitness conditioning simultaneously to bring people closer to moving like a true human, the way nature intended. This shift in movement efficiency carries over from one's training, subconsciously in the way the body operates in daily life. This prevents imbalances from accumulating and helps to reverse the insult of repetitive patterns.

A Tidbit of Early History

When Alex was growing up, his mother was studying energy healing, yoga, and meditation, and from a very young age, she taught him how to stretch, breathe, and meditate, introduced him to exercises for feeling energy, and showed him Healing Touch. In 2001 he began studying Reiki as far as Level 2, and practiced on friends and family for a few years before resolving to take a 2 year Shiatsu diploma program in 2005 at Kokoro Dojo Zen Shiatsu Institute in Toronto.

Alex's father was (and still is) very active, into bodybuilding, as well all kinds of other activities; this influenced him to try many different systems of fitness over the years. The two polar opposite influences that Alex's parents provided resulted in his mindset of finding a balance between fitness and healing arts. Ever since childhood one thing Alex has always been interested in was martial arts. Throughout most of his life he had been trying different types before finding Budo Taijutsu in 2004.

Alex later spent a few years studying the internal arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang, and Aikido, returning to Budo Taijutsu with a fresh perspective and understanding of the power of relaxation.

As his movement practice continued to deepen, he continued exploring and studying complementary movement and healing methods. Alex continues to deepen his training in the martial and healing arts while keeping up to date with modern developments in the ever-developing field of movement and mobility. His deepest purpose is to help people learn how to live well and experience life in a more enriching way.


● Shiatsu Therapy Diploma

● MovNat Natural Movement Trainer - Level 3 Certification

● Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist Certification

● Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Black Belt


● Licensed Shiatsu Therapist / Sotai Practitioner

● Natural Movement Trainer (MCT)

● Mobility Development Coach

● Kinseiryuhou Koshiki Kenbiki Basic Practitioner

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