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Parkour Skills Training

Practical fitness is about training in a way that has relevance to movements that are innate to how human beings traverse different environments. Parkour is a skillset that looks specifically at balancing, jumping, vaulting, climbing, ground movement, and running for the sake of deepening one's movement competency and confidence.

Not only is this an excellent way to build real-world fitness that carries over to other activities and daily life in general, but it also builds your ability to survive and help others in the case of an emergency. Parkour skills are not about moving fast and attempting dangerous jumps, but rather cultivating your body's ability to communicate with your environment.

Classes usually involve a focused breakdown on a couple of key techniques, and finish with a few rounds of an obstacle course. We place a strong emphasis on perfecting the fundamentals. Progressions are used to challenge more adept practitioners, and deep regressions for beginners will build the necessary mechanisms. This way we can all be working on the same skills, but at variations that challenge different skill levels. These classes are for adults, but teens who are serious about training are welcome to join as well.

Registration Information

Dates: Tuesdays | 6-7pm

Cost: $20
Location: 465 Milner Ave, Unit 6

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