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Injury Prevention Online Course

The upcoming Natural Mobility Injury Prevention Online Course is a progression-based program taught through instructional and follow-along videos that you can use to teach yourself with guidance from myself.

This course involves 3 stages of foundational training that build strength, stability, agility, balance, mobility, and co-ordination in the ways that are most conducive to preventing injuries in the body and keep your body feeling limber and free.

These three stages include:

Joint Conditioning: Bulletproof your joints, making sure they are strong, balanced, and in proper alignment through joint rotations, and functional movements that help reinforce risky parts of the body like wrists, ankles, hips, and


Balance & Proprioception: Build your ability to maintain balance on your feet, train to resist imbalance, move more gracefully, strengthen your single leg stability, improve your range of motion with practical training goals.

Ukemi: Breakfalls & Rolling: Learn the fundamental skills of falling without hurting yourself. This segment of the program starts with movements on ground level, and offers progressions to build up the skills gradually to being able to do them from a standing position.

With these 3 stages of the course, You build the ability for your joints to resist being injured, you improve your ability to avoid losing balance in the first place, and you finally, acquire the skills to take a fall with confidence in your ability to land safely.

The course is in the later stages of production, and will be revealed first through my newsletter, so if you're interested, subscribe below.

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