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What Alex Offers

Nothing compares to in-person instruction, but you can do quite a bit on your own with the right guidance. One of my missions is to make the wisdom of Shiatsu, Meridian Stretching, and Sotai freely available online. A few years ago, I started with the Meridian Stretching guide, a free resource to get anyone started with mobilizing the structures around their center of gravity. I also have a number of videos on YouTube in the form of follow-along tutorial videos for mobilization of various joints, and Sotai instruction for basic self-care techniques. You'll find all of that here.

I am currently working on more comprehensive versions of the Meridian Stretching and Sotai exercises as more structured premium online courses. I want to have free resources on YouTube that anyone can access and get started, but for those who want a more guided experience, online courses will allow for a deeper understanding and more progressional approach.

MovNat has a number of really high quality Online Courses. These were produced with a decent budget and a lot went into the structure, delivery, and production quality. They are on the more expensive side, but this is reflected in the quality. I have taken a lot of online courses from other movement-based companies at similar price-points, and the quality of the MovNat Online Courses absolutely stand out among the competition. There are more online courses offered by MovNat than I have displayed on this site, but the ones I have currated are the ones that I feel are the most beneficial for most my community.

Finally, Online Coaching is the most personalized option for online training. This involves working directly with Alex over video calls to give you a screening and determine what needs to be worked on the most, build your program, and coach you on the techniques that you need help with. This can be geared toward working through the MovNat system, preparing for a certification, and unlocking new skills; or it can be more targeted at working through a mobility issue, recovering from the last stubborn bit of the healing process of an injury, or finding a routine that takes the edge off of some chronic pain.


Free Meridian Stretching Guide

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Free YouTube Follow Along Videos


MovNat E-Courses


Online Coaching

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