MovNat Workshops

Basics of MovNat

2-Hour Extended Class

This is a thorough exploration of the MovNat system in a short amount of time. Experience an overview of the full spectrum of Natural Movements in the MovNat skillset, including a ground movement warm up; an extensive emphasis segment where we look at the mechanics of techniques in every category of movement like crawling, balancing, jumping, climbing, lifting, throwing, and more; and finishing off with a  combo or mini obstacle course based on the skills we practiced in the rest of the class.


We'll talk about the MovNat principles, effective cues for self-coaching, and how to easily put together your own creative movement training sessions using the same template as we use in the workshop. Please get in touch today to register!

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MovNat Elements 1-Day Workshop


Our one day workshops are designed to introduce you to Natural Movement, and give you the most important basics that you can practice in your daily life. We will focus on areas that need the most improvement and we will teach you routines that you can use and practice at home in twenty or thirty minutes a day. This is a great introduction, as well as a perfect MovNat immersion for those who love and practice it! 


✦ 6 hours of professional instruction, including short lunch and snack breaks ✦

✦ Safe, step-by-step progressions for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels ✦

✦ MovNat’s principles, and how they will change how you think about the way you move ✦

✦ Understanding MovNat’s approach to developing movement skill --and improving fitness ✦

✦ Special emphasis on ground movement for restoring stability and mobility ✦

✦ Introduction to each of MovNat’s movement domains, from crawling to climbing ✦

✦ How to incorporate MovNat into your existing fitness routine ✦

✦ How to incorporate MovNat into an at-home practice or busy lifestyle ✦

✦ Supplementary materials to help you implement your Natural Movement practice ✦

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