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Recommended MovNat Online Courses


Courses to Begin Your Journey

The first two courses I'd like to present to you can serve as a great starting points for anyone who wants to get a good feel of the system and start to mold your body to better express your Natural Movement potential.

None of these are cheap courses, but they are jam packed with content and each one will fuel your training for at least a month. They are repeatable programs and are great not only for helping you get in shape, but also for teaching you how to better move your body in daily life. I've taken a lot of other online courses myself, and the level of quality and the quantity of the content that MovNat delivers is on another level from most other courses I have taken at a similar price-point.

Nothing replaces in-person training, but if that's not something that's accessible for you, online courses are the next best thing. I also offer online coaching, which you can use in tandem with an e-course. I didn't create these, nor am I teaching the courses, but I have worked through each of them myself, and highly recommend them!


Level 1 Fundamentals Course

Your Foundation for Real World Capability

This course is the ultimate resource for making your fitness and movement development a regular part of your life and a natural expression of who you are. Transform your body through these structured classes as you discover a new, fresh perspective on movement and fitness.


MovNat Mobility Course

Move Better, Become More Capable, and Feel at Ease in Your Body

In each week of this 4 week program, you'll progress through three 30-minute sessions that build your range of motion, motor control, and coordination so you can gain the freedom and power to move with ease and confidence.

MovNat Mobility will help you:

  • Learn the fundamentals of restorative movement

  • Build your mobility from the ground up

  • Give your body the freedom to move well for a lifetime


Starter Bundle

Level 1 Fundamentals + MovNat Mobility

If you're planning to eventually get both of the above e-courses, you might want to consider this bundle to save $75. These two courses go very well together, as one of them is an overview of the entire system of MovNat, and the other is a deep dive into the restorative mobility focused side of the system. Together they forma a great base and help usher you through the early formative phase of wrapping your head (and body) around the approach.


Courses to Bring you to the Next Level

The following courses were conceived to build off of the Level 1 Fundamentals e-course and the MovNat Mobility e-course. If you've done one of the first 2 courses, you might want to try one of these next. If you feel like the first two workshops might be a little too "beginner" for you, consider just skipping to one of these.


MovNat Mobility Advanced

Maximize Your Mobility and Make it Stick for a Lifetime

MovNat® Mobility Advanced is an in-depth program built with both simple and complex natural movements that can be used to unlock deep levels of mobility, flexibility, and strength.

This one is shorter than the others, and is the least costly of all the e-courses listed here. I would suggest this one to people who already feel pretty strong and flexible and want to explore some more complex and demanding patterns.


MovNat Level Up

Unlock New Movements From The Ground Up

In each training module, you'll learn a step-by-step approach to acquire new movement abilities – improving your strength, agility, and overall fitness in the process.

MovNat Level Up will help you:

  • Unlock challenging Natural Movement skills - such as the Pop Up and Front Vault - through a structured series of tutorials, progressions, and program builders.

  • Overcome limitations that “lock” a movement, such as fear, common technique errors, and ineffective use of progression.

  • Level Up your MovNat practice, learn more about programming, and feel more confident in your ability to achieve.

This one is a massive, comprehensive course that was really well put together and teaches some really impressive and challenging skills. If you're feeling comfortable with all the Level 1 skill and looking to take it to the next level, that's literally what this e-course is for. Bonus: This one comes with a free sample!


MovNat Mobility Bundle

MovNat Mobility + MovNat Mobility Advanced

This bundle is for those who already know they want to go all the way with the Mobility e-courses. You get both the Mobility & Mobility Advanced Ecourses in this one and save $50


MovNat Level Up Bundle

MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals + MovNat Level Up

This bundles puts together the two biggest e-courses that guide you through the foundations of the full spectrum of the MovNat practice, then invite you to get deeper in your ability with each domain of skills. If you're committed to progressing through the MovNat system, this is the most comprehensive combo. You get both the Level 1 Fundamentals & the Level Up e-courses in this bundle and save $105.


Ask About It First

If you want to know more, or ask Alex about any of these courses before committing, please use the form below to get in touch!

Thanks! I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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