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MovNat-Based Parkour Classes


In this class we will focus on the skills of locomotion, particularly obstacle traversal. This includes balancing, jumping, vaulting, ground movement, climbing, as well as other skills that develop practical real-world functionality, flow, and freedom of movement. This can be approached from the perspective of play, that of functional fitness, and/or with the mindset of evasion for self-protection.

Parkour and MovNat have a common ancestor; the method called Méthode Naturelle created by French Naval officer, Georges Hebert, which shaped what we know now as the modern day military obstacle course. Everything in the fundamental Parkour skillset traces its roots back to Méthode Naturelle, but Hebert's method also included lifting, carrying, throwing, and catching, objects, fighting, and swimming. MovNat's role is to revise the 100+ year old Méthode Naturelle to better suit our modern era, and involves a very pragmatic approach to learning new skills.

We approach our Parkour classes through the MovNat lens, which is adaptive and approachable for everyone.

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