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Movement-Based Mobility Class

Unlock your movement potential and challenge your body through fundamental natural movement patterns in this movement-based mobility class.


Uncover your Potential


Improve the way you move and grow more confident, competent, and resilient through the improvement of your body awareness, movement skill, and physical capability.


Fortify your Joint Function & Health


Improve joint function and health to enhance your movement capacity. Develop functional strength, coordination and muscle tone in a way supports control of your full range of motion. Fortify the integrity of essential joint motions in end range activities to help prevent injury and “bulletproof” your joints.


Build Functional Strength & Adaptability


Explore the foundations of strength, mobility, balance, coordination, and adaptability through movement tasks, tools, and games. Test and expand your strength, mobility & coordination. Learn new movement skills and refine simple existing skills like traversing a hip-height obstacle, balancing on a narrow surface, hanging from your hands, getting up and down from the ground, and more. Explore exercises that build the strength and mobility to unlock your natural movement skills and range of motion.


A Fun and Dynamic Approach


Improve the way you move and feel in an enjoyable and exploratory way with the company and support of like-minded people. This class encourages experimentation, discovery, and positive change through novel stimulus. It provides you with the tools to integrate the fundamental skills and attributes you develop into your daily lives.

Registration Information

DATE: Saturdays 1pm-2pm

COST: $20

LOCATION: The Shinobi Village

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