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Japanese Movement Therapy
Activate Your Body's Natural Self Healing Ability

Relieve abnormal pain and tension, restore structural alignment, and facilitate the body's natural self-healing ability. treatments aim to affect the neuromusculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, peripheral nervous, and other systems. This is not like a massage and the recipient will play a much more active role in the session.

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Appointments are scheduled as home visits, or at The Shinobi Village in Scarborough. See the link below to see the schedule and availability:
Sotai Movement Therapy
Reverse-motion exercise for structural realignment

A Japanese method of movement therapy for postural alignment, mobilization and relief of abnormal pain and tension.​ It can be done as a single person exercise or with a therapist applying the right amount of resistance to your movement and directing the exercise. This can be done as a self-care exercise as well without resistance from an assistant.

Shiatsu Manual Therapy
Finger pressure, assisted stretching and mobilization

A Japanese form of pressure point therapy developed by the late master Shizuto Masunaga. This treatment is effective for relief of pain, and abnormal tension, internal organ health, as well as increased circulation throughout the meridians of the body. Shiatsu also involves assisted mobilization stretching. It can be employed as a part of treatment, and also on oneself as an effective method of self-care.

Masunaga Meridian Stretching
Natural stretching for mobility and circulation of energy

Also developed my Shizuto Masunaga, Meridian Stretching was part of his self-care regimen based on balancing the circulation of Ki energy in the meridians through natural movements. Meridian stretching can help regulate internal processes to improve not only flexibility and range of motion, but more subtle processes such as sleep, digestion, and immune function. This practice is also an excellent way to feel the flow of Ki first hand with a little mindful movement practice. Meridian stretching can be used as a solo exercise or in a treatment as assisted stretches and mobilizations.

(Kinseiryuhou Koshiki) Kenbiki
Tendon Adjustment Therapy

A Japanese therapy that involves adjusting the alignment of the tendons of the body to relieve pain, abnormal tension, and structural disorders. This is very effective for acute conditions such as ankle sprains and other injury related joint issues.

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