About Manual Therapy
Activate Your Body's Natural Self Healing Ability

Relieve abnormal pain and tension, restore structural alignment, and facilitate the body's natural self-healing ability. Natural Mobility's Manual Therapy integrates acupressure, with joint mobilizations and tendon alignment to affect the neuromusculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, peripheral nervous, and other systems.

What Methods Do We Integrate?
Shiatsu Manual Therapy
Finger pressure, assisted stretching and mobilization

A Japanese form of pressure point therapy developed by the late master Shizuto Masunaga. This treatment is effective for relief of pain, and abnormal tension, internal organ health, as well as increased circulation throughout the meridians of the body. Shiatsu also involves assisted mobilization and targeted stretching of key areas that vary case by case. 

Sotai Movement Therapy
Reverse-motion exercise for structural realignment

A Japanese method of movement therapy for postural alignment, mobilization and relief of abnormal pain and tension.​ It can be done as a single person exercise or with a therapist applying the right amount of resistance to your movement and directing the exercise.

(Kinseiryuhou Koshiki) Kenbiki
Tendon Adjustment Therapy

A Japanese therapy that involves adjusting the alignment of the tendons of the body to relieve pain, abnormal tension, and structural disorders. Treatment sessions are short so it is easily integrated with other services.

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