Mobility Development  Classes

Feeling stiff, sore, and always managing some minor injury is not a normal part of aging, it's the result of not taking proper care of your body through movement. Modern life spends so much time winding up tension, and we need to make the time to actively unwind that tension or eventually we become fragile and ripe for injury.

This class is focused on functional flexibility for structural alignment, and to lay the foundation for natural, balanced movement in daily life. Each class involves some whole body mobilizations, as well as a focus on a specific domain such as shoulder mobility, hip mobility, balancing, ground movement, or safe falling, for example.

The goal of these classes are to create​ a more balanced state of the body, experience a better relationship with gravity, and recalibrate your nervous system to lay the foundation for a deeper sense of freedom of movement in the body. I want to share with you the tools to help balance your body, relieve abnormal pain and tension, and prevent injury when you do more complex movements to meet life's demands.

Alex draws on over 15 years of his professional Shiatsu therapy practice, along with his personal practice of martial arts, Functional Range Conditioning, and MovNat Natural Movement training to share his deep understanding of what it takes to maintain balance in the body.

Registration Information

DATE: Sundays 11am-12pm

COST: $20

LOCATION: 465 Milner Ave, Unit 6