Natural Mobility Lifestyle Guide

At the core of our approach are simple key concepts, including the basic principles of physical movement, and the four pillars of positively influencing your health. We believe in minimum effort for maximum effect, and so our guidelines are straight to the point, bare bones basics that you may very well already know but more than likely don't think about or practice.


For example, the first thing that matters with diet is if you are chewing enough, what you think about when you eat, if you are breathing properly. Get that down, then you can experiment with different diets if you like. The same goes with how you think, breathe, and move. Simple guidelines that can integrate into any other system you want to follow without contradiction.

We often get caught up in complex fitness systems or movement practices that build upon whatever flawed foundation of poor movement habits we have forged by living in a sedentary culture. Observing key principles involving how he shift and rotate during any movement is the best place to start. We can apply this to all daily life activities and eliminate the self-destructive habits that lead to chronic pain, or the weak links that leave us susceptible to injury.

Natural Mobility Journal

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