Natural Mobility Programs

Natural Mobility offers various programs in the form of a workshop, class series, or private lessons. Check our schedule for upcoming events featuring these programs, or send me a message if you would like to book a private program (or share with a couple of friends). 

Self-shiatsu & Sotai

Movement therapy

This program focuses on therapeutic modalities like self-massage (shiatsu), meridian stretches, and Sotai joint movement for structural realignment.

Junan Taiso

mobility development

Flexibility conditioning centered around mobilizing the hips. This is the flexibility conditioning methods of the Ninja, but if suitable for everyone trying to free their hips.

fundamentals of natural movement

An overview of the system of MovNat Natural Movement that includes attention t o each pillar of this natural training method, including ground movement, climbing skills, and more.

safe-falling, rolling & leaping

Passive defensive techniques such as falling safely, jumping, rolling, diving and even handsprings are covered in this program. This is called Ukemi Taihenjutsu from the practice of Ninjutsu.

Escape for


Key principles of self defense and escape, basic striking, an overview of grappling, and more. Come out with a sense of a more realistic competence and understanding of the nature of violence.

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