Sat., Jan. 05 | New Frontier Fitness

MovNat Movement & Info Session

In this free event, you will be introduced to the practice and methodology of MovNat Natural Movement training, how it's more than a challenging & dynamic workout in a gym setting or in nature. We will crawl, roll, balance, hang, swing, climb, throw, catch, & more, finishing with an obstacle course.
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MovNat Movement & Info Session

Time & Location

Jan. 05, 2019, 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
New Frontier Fitness, 1047 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Z7, Canada

About the Event

MovNat is a physical education system for developing real world capability (fitness) through the full range of motor skills that the human body has developed through natural environmental pressures. Natural Movement constitutes those physical adaptations that we have gone through in order to survive over the course of our evolutionary history. The range of these skills can be as simple as sitting on the ground and getting back up to standing, or more challenging and complex such as climbing over tall obstacles, and running on rugged terrain. Many of these skills have all but been lost to our rapid industrialization, and the changes to the way we live are happening at a rate that our bodies cannot adapt.

Although some of this event is an info session, be prepared to do a lot of movement, and learn new ways of approaching fitness and movement in daily life. The movement aptitudes we will explore include:

  • Ground Movement
  • Balance & Gait
  • Jumping & Vaulting
  • Hanging & Climbing
  • Lifting & Carrying
  • Throwing & Catching

The key concepts we will cover in the info session include:

  • Natural Movement (What it is exactly that makes a movement natural)
  • Formation of Proper Technique (breathing/positioning, sequence/timing, tension/relaxation)
  • Training Progressions (volume, intensity, complexity)
  • Physical Re-education (deconditioning cycle, path to unconscious competence)
  • Programming (how we approach a training plan)

To live healthy human lives, we need to reconnect with these evolutionary movement patterns. Practical physical performance takes place in the context dictated by environmental and situational demands. Adaptation to any situation or environment is the ultimate goal. This might the situations of your daily life in the environment of your household and society, or hiking trail, or sport.

Registration is Closed

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