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Introduction to Self Defense

Learn strategies and a mindset that empowers you to detect and avoid danger reliably, without living in fear. Learn combative methods for breaking contact and escaping from a confrontation that are easy to learn and effective, regardless of any difference in the strength of an aggressor.
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Introduction to Self Defense

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The strategy for self defense with the highest rate of survival is to run as fast as you can. Much of this proram is about how to break contact with an aggressor to create the opportunity to escape. Everything taught is designed to be effective on anyone, no matter how strong or skilled. It’s not about learning how to fight, or refining your combative skills; it’s about learning to use what you have, whether you have never trained or been in a fight, or whether you have some training or experience under your belt. You will learn strategies for preventing and dealing with an assailant; different parts of your body to use in defense; three key targets to focus on; simple movements to break someone’s grasp on your wrists or a hold from behind, and a simple strategy if you get taken to the ground.

The skills in this course are all based in Budo Taijutsu. One of the schools we train is Togakure-ryu Ninpo Taijutsu; The body movement skills and strategies that the Ninja (covert operatives) of feudal Japan used to escape when detected or apprehended by stronger, faster, larger, highly skilled pursuers. Most importantly, you will learn how to trust and get out of the way of your intuition so you can reliably detect and avoid potential danger without living in fear. This course focuses on the philosophy and strategy of self defense as much as the actual skills.

If you are starting martial arts, this is a great place to start and get a realistic perspective of the context of what you will be learning. If you practice martial arts (any type), this course is a great way to bring your practice to life, and get a feel for what techniques you would rely on and how you would practically apply them out of the context of the dojo.

  • Body Movement
  • Wrist Grab Escape
  • Rear Body Hug Escape
  • Finger Crushing
  • Low Kicks
  • Basic Striking & Targets
  • Ground Defense (mounted/standing opponent)
  • Multiple Attackers

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