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Ground Movement

In this program, we will learn and refine our MovNat ground movement skills such as rolling forward and backward, crawling in various ways, falling safely, and more. We will learn how to develop efficiency in these movements, then expand to explore other Natural Movements.
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Ground Movement

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About the Event

This workshop focuses on building a specific skill such as balancing, climbing & swinging, jumping & vaulting, ground movement, etc... So it would be a "Ground Movement Workshop with MovNat Trainer Alex Schenker" for example. This allows us to explore a movement category in detail while touching on the other domains through transitions and movement exploration. This Workshop is low to medium intensity and includes a pdf handout with descriptions of the movement skills we work through during the workshop. 

This program focuses on the ground movement skills of MovNat Natural Movement, with a particular focus on efficient crawling technique, and building a smooth, fluid roll with control of direction, speed, and distance. We will look at the key elements of each skill, a number of exercise "stepping stones" that we can use to build those skills, common inefficiencies that we want to strive to eliminate, practical applications of each skill in daily life as well as in emergency situations, and the philosophy of how to approach skill training from a MovNat perspective.


  • Front crawl, inverted crawl
  • Contra-lateral patterning
  • How to crawl quickly
  • Transitions from standing, walking, running
  • Crawling on a balancing surface (2x4)


  • Forward & backward roll with developmental exercises
  • Transitions from kneeling, squatting standing, & crawling
  • How to control the direction, distance, and speed of your roll


  • Prone, supine, and lateral break-fall
  • Transitions from kneeling, standing, walking, bring pushed

Ground Movement Transitions

  • Transitions through different sitting positions, methods of getting up from the ground, and more.


  • Balancing walk, balacing crawl, changing directions, and transitioning between positions.

By the end of this course you will have a grasp of the skills we covered,  a plethora of developmental exercises to add to your "toolbox", and resources where you can review what we covered in the course. You will have progressed in all the skills we covered, and you will know what you have to do from where you stand to continue to develop. your ability.

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