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Escape for Self Defense

We will introduce the mindset of escaping an aggressor, rather than engaging. The physical skills you will learn include how to escape various restraints, such as wrist grabs, body grabs; simple and safe ways to strike, kick (low), and gouge; 3 key targets to go for; and again, the mindset of using these tools to disengage and escape. We will approach how to safely move to a more advantageous position in situations where you are on the ground, and your aggressor is standing over you, or how to escape being pinned face up or face down.


You will learn about the 3 types of violence, and how to identify and respond to each of them for the best outcome. We will explain the differences between fighting and survival, and you will gain a more realistic perspective on violence, and your expectations of what you can do, and shouldn’t try. Everything we teach in this program follows 3 criteria; it must be effective on anyone regardless of a disparity between strength or skill; it must be simple enough to learn to use it effectively in 5 minutes; and it must be practical.


Finally, we will highlight key locomotive skills vital to the next portion of escape after disengaging, such as running, jumping, climbing (a fence), vaulting.

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