About Manual Therapy & Mobility Development Training
Activate Your Body's Natural Self Healing Ability
Natural Mobility Training and Manual Therapy services is based on 6 systems:
  • Masunaga Shiatsu Therapy & Meridian Exercises

  • Sotai Therapy & Corrective Exercise

  • Kenbiki Therapy

  • MovNat Natural Movement

  • Functional Range Conditioning

  • Ryutai Undo (Martial Arts Conditioning)

Japanese Manual Therapy
Shiatsu, Sotai, and Kenbiki together help to relieve abnormal pain and tension, restore structural alignment, and adjust the position of misplaced tendons in the body through assisted stretching, mobilization, and pressure point treatment similar to but distinct from massage.
Mobility Training Classes
Classes and courses based on our various methods of healing arts and mobilization exercises. Courses may explore one specific method a little more deeply, or approach a common issue such as low back tension or shoulder pain. This is perfect for those who would like to start classes or increase their physical activity, but want to "ramp up" to prevent injuries, or do something that will help them relieve the symptoms of existing injuries.
Personal Mobility Training
One to one sessions programmed to your specific needs and imbalances. Meridian Stretching, Sotai Exercise, MovNat, and FRC are integrated in these sessions to help you overcome physical barriers that prevent you from being more active, helping you relieve pain, become more mobile, and access more movement patterns. An ideal compliment to any therapeutic treatment plan.
What Do We Practice?
Our practice is can be categorized as follows: 
Sotai Movement Therapy
Reverse-motion exercise for structural realignment

A Japanese method of movement therapy for postural alignment, mobilization and relief of abnormal pain and tension.​ It can be done as a single person exercise or with a therapist applying the right amount of resistance to your movement and directing the exercise.

Natural Movement Training

A health and fitness discipline based on the practice of human movement including ground movement, balancing, climbing, gait patterns, jumping, vaulting, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching and more. What makes MovNat unique is its scale-able ​approach to skill development, and unique methodologies such as increasing or deceasing the volume, intensity, and complexity of each exercise to make it more available to someone, or more challenging for someone else.

Junan Taiso
Flexibility Conditioning

Junan Taiso means flexibility, or limbering exercise. It is an umbrella term for all mobilization exercises in Japanese. In the Bujinkan martial arts, we emphasize the Ryutai Undo, a practice developed by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi that emphasizes four key stretches and a few mindful movements to develop the flexibility and movement feeling required to perform Taijutsu.

Functional Range Conditioning
A comprehensive joint conditioning program

FRC is a methodology of joint mobilization developed by Dr. Andreo Spina, based on scientific principles and research​ to increase mobility and movement potential, improve the function of the nervous system, and safeguard the joints of the body through mobility exercise.

Meridian Stretching
Gentle but deep whole-body movements

Based on Shizuto Masunaga's Meridian Exercises, this is a method of self-care and corrective exercises that revolves around 6 key stretches that each stimulate a pair of meridians. The stretches are eased into and individual roadblocks are not pushed, but relaxed into. This method deeply integrates the breath. Many variations to the 6 key Meridian Stretches will also be explored in classes or prescribed to a client with specific meridian imbalances.

Kokyu Ho
Breathing Meditation

San-aun Kokyu Ho is a moving meditation focused on the breath. It involves three simple positions and movement to synchronize with your inhalation and exhalation. It is the basic methods of breathing meditation in the Bujinkan martial arts.

Meridian Shiatsu Therapy
Finger pressure, assisted stretching and mobilization

A Japanese form of pressure point therapy for relief of pain, and abnormal tension, as well as increased circulation along the meridians of the body. This also involves assisted mobilization and targeted stretching of key areas that vary case by case. 

Kinseiryuhou Kenbiki
Tendon Adjustment Therapy

A Japanese therapy that involves adjusting the alignment of the tendons of the body to relieve pain, abnormal tension, and structural disorders. Treatment sessions are short so it is easily integrated with other services.

Alex Schenker
Chief Instructor & Manual Therapist

Alex has been studying therapeutic modalities all his life by the influence of his mother. In 2005 he began studying Shiatsu Therapy, a 2 year intensive diploma program. Within that program he learned a few other complementary modalilities, including a course on Sotai Therapy. He also learned Shizuto Masunaga's Meridan Stretches through the program and continued to practice the Meridian Stretches and Sotai Exercises as part of his regular exercises since then.

More recently, a few years ago he had become deeply influenced by the ideas and method of Andreo Spina's FRC. He also did his level 1, 2, and 3 MovNat Natural Movement certifications within the past few years. Most recently he was introduced to Kenbiki therapy and became one of the first Canadians to take the Introductory Kenbiki Practitoner course.

He has also always been interested in and had dabbled in different martial arts while growing up. It wasn't until 2004 that Alex discovered the less common art of Budo Taijutsu, and more importantly, a very good teacher.  He has learned not only martial arts but methods of meditation, breathing exercises, mobility development exercises, all of which he integrates in his movement practices. He continues to actively train with his instructor as well as make trips overseas to train with the masters.



  • Shiatsu Therapy Diploma

  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist Certification

  • MovNat Natural Movement Trainer - Level 3 Certification

  • Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Black Belt (Godan)



  • Licensed Shiatsu Therapist / Sotai Practitioner

  • Mobility Development Coach

  • Kinseiryuhou Koshiki Kenbiki Basic Practitioner

  • Natural Movement Trainer (MCT)

  • Bujinkan Shidoshi (Licensed Instructor)