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Self-Defense & Escape Workshop
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Real-World Self-Protection Training

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This workshop is not about learning how to fight, it's about learning how to break contact with an aggressor, and escape from the situation. Self-defense is not about beating up muggers, it's about getting away from them, and cultivating the awareness and best practices to avoid becoming a target in the first place.

The techniques we learn in this workshop are all selected to meet the following parameters:

  • It is unlikely to cause injury to the user. For example: punching is a complex skill that can easily result in broken hand-bones, but the open palm is safer to use to strike, and is more accurate for most people.

  • It can be learned in 5 minutes or less. If it takes any longer, it's too complex to be the most useful option for the untrained.

The mindset is the most important thing, and we'll be exploring the theory of different types of violence, how to avoid each, and how to deal with them when avoidance is impossible. We'll talk about different objects that we can use as weapons and how to do this. We'll also approach the skills of escape that do not just involve strikes and escaping restraint, but also techniques for running and traversing common obstacles.

It takes many years of devoted training to be a competent fighter, and that isn't what self-defense is at all about.

Competitive martial arts are developed to continue engaging your opponent, and to develop the endurance for your stamina to keep up throughout the match. These martial arts are all about continuing to fight your opponent until they submit or one of you get knocked out. This mentality is counter-productive to getting away to safety.

Traditional martial arts are developed to deeply refine the movements of the practitioner's body and progressively understand the subtleties of their techniques. It's a long and devoted process, and not a quick route to becoming a competent fighter, let alone being able to escape from a dangerous situation.

Combative martial arts are meant for dealing with lethal force situations. Someone is trying to kill you, and you have to kill or break them in some way. This can be useful in a self-defense situation, but in combative martial arts the goal is to destroy your opposition and move through them, not disengage and escape.

Of course, all of these approaches can be adapted to be useful for self-defense, but they all take quite a bit of time to become competent enough to be useful, and none have the correct mindset to be useful for escape.

What This Workshop is Based on
Self-Defense & Martial Arts: The Distinction

Self-Defense & Escape Workshops are offered a few times per year, but there are other options for learning this skillset:

  • Private group training (from as few as 2 people, to as many as 40 people)

  • This workshop can be scaled to be as short as 90 minutes, to as long as 6 hour.

To inquire about private group training, use the contact form below:

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If you have any questions before committing to the workshop, or would like to inquire about one-on-one coaching or private group training, please don't hesitate to get in touch now:

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