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Movement Training Meetup

A Social Meetup for People Interested in Movement Training

Join me once per month and connect with our community at a Movement Training Center in Toronto. These meetups are not formal classes. We will explore a variety of movements and challenges as a group, but we'll also be free to work on our own individual goals, with the opportunity to dabble in whatever some of our other participants are training in.

This is a laid back social meetup, and there are no expectations of you. You can take a break whenever you like, stop and have a conversation with someone, just hang out and stretch, and come and go as you please.


The focus of my training in Natural Movement skills, such as running, jumping, balancing, climbing, vaulting, and other practical skills. Some of us are pretty experienced in other domains, such as tricking (flips and aerials), calisthenics, and other disciplines, so those with more experience have the opportunity to share what we enjoy doing, and those with less experience will have the opportunity to try many interesting things.

Everything is an invitation, so you shouldn't feel pressure to try anything that anyone else is doing, but you will also feel welcome asking someone to show you how to get started in learning how to do whatever they are doing if you so please. All levels of ability are welcome, and you are welcome to bring your children, friends, and family.

I'll be sticking around for about 3 hours, but you can leave earlier or stay later if you like!

You may want to bring some water, a small snack, and a small towel to wipe your sweat.

I am taking no payment for these meetups, however the facility where we will be training has a small fee for a daypass which we each must pay

Please check the schedule for the next date and location, and be sure to register if you're planning to join.

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