Personal Mobility Training
Guidance for a Balanced Lifestyle

Our personal training programs are focused on developing flexibility, strength, and greater range of motion; balancing postural alignment and body awareness; and relearning and improving physical capability in natural movement skills.


Our training is all about bringing you into a more balanced state, as well as deepening your aptitudes and physical capabilities. We do this through discovering what movements are missing in your life, developing the most appropriate program for you to follow, and building a Natural Movement practice.

You may prefer to train with your trainer more frequently, which is fine, but we like to advocate building a self-directed personal practice, utilizing subsequent sessions to reevaluate the program or learn new techniques. We offer both online training, and in-person sessions at our gym in Leslieville, Toronto (or at your home).

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Our gym location is at New Frontier Fitness (1047 Gerrard St E) in Leslieville, Toronto. We also book home-training sessions, as well as online coaching. Please contact using the following form to inquire about booking a session, or if you have any other questions or comments.
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In-Person Personal Mobility Training

The frequency of our training programs vary. At the bare minimum, this involves monthly sessions where we evaluate your progress and modify your program to adapt to your improvements. In this format, we design your program, teach you the movements, and you train on your own for a few weeks until we meet again.

You can book a session per month, a session per week, or train with Alex every day if you like, but we like to advocate working toward taking personal responsibility for your own training and building the habit. Ultimately, it’s up to you how much personal supervised training you would like, and if or when you’d like to taper down.

MovNat Online Coaching

MovNat Online Coaching is a great way to learn and structure your workouts with programs created and feedback from a Level 3 MovNat Natural Movement trainer. This is perfect if you don't have any local access to MovNat classes of personal coaching. Check the link below for registration, and make sure to request Alex.


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