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1 on 1 Training

Natural Movement Training

Training focused on the natural skills of human movement to develop functional flexibility, practical strength, and adaptability.

Functional flexibility and practical strength go hand-in-hand and they mean expanding and developing active control of your range of motion to be able to move more freely through your environment. This establishes your conditioning; adaptability is about applying that conditioning to various technical challenges. Ultimately adaptability is the candid application of technical skill to the myriad of variables in real-world application.

Training in this way simulates what our natural environment would demand from us. The design and function of our bodies were selected to adapt to this planet's environment. Reconnecting with that birthright and helping to develop the most physically competent potential of yourself is what our training is all about.

Treatment Sessions

Sotai & Shiatsu Therapy

This treatment involves a combination of both Sotai and Shiatsu Therapy for the purpose of relieving abnormal pain and tension and restoring structural alignment.

Shiatsu involves pressure applied with the thumbs, fingers, and palms along chains of tension that run longitudinally along the limbs, head, and torso. The purpose of Shiatsu is aligning the bone structure, balancing the autonomic nervous system, and improving the function of the internal organs.

Sotai is a form of active therapy that involves comfortable joint movement against gentle resistance with the aim of correcting patterns of distortions in structural alignment. Shiatsu is a more passive form of therapy, whereas Sotai requires the recipient to be actively involved in the treatment process.

We will also help determine lifestyle elements that may be causing the issue and also select the most relevant home exercises to do between treatments.

Travel Fees

For home-visits I charge a base rate $100/1 hour session, along with a travel fee depending on the distance of the location. Please inquire for an estimate on the travel fee for your location.

Inquiry Form

Booking Inquiries

Please fill out the following form to inquire about one on one training or therapy.

All sessions include training in self-care suggestions to be practiced between sessions for best results.

Availability is limited and there may be a waiting list for new bookings. Please get in touch to find out what the current booking situation is like:

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