Treatment & training

Therapeutic Treatment

Natural Mobility Movement Therapy is an active approach to healing and preventative medicine. It involves elements of manual therapy, joint conditioning, and movement efficiency training to restore the body’s natural function, integrating Sotai, Shiatsu, and other therapeutic modalities. The goal is to make a lasting change through transformation of your posture and movement, as well as your mindset and how you take care of your body. This is available as a house call or at our facility.

Mobility Training

These sessions involve introducing, developing and progressing you through the many patterns of motion innate to human movement, many of which are all but lost in our sedentary society. We strive to help you reconnect with the way your body is designed to move, and your relationship with it, while transforming the way you look and feel in the process. We integrate meridian stretching, self-shiatsu, sotai exercise, and Natural Movement training among other practices in these sessions. This is available as a house call or at our facility.


1 on 1 Sessions:

Treatment Session (1 hour) | $88.50+hst

Training Session (½ hour) | $44.25+hst