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About Alex & Natural Mobility

Alex Schenker
Therapist & Instructor

IG: @naturalmobility

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Licensed Shiatsu Therapist

  • MovNat Master Trainer & Team Instructor

  • Martial Arts Instructor - Taijutsu

  • Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist - FRCms

  • Kinseiryuhou Koshiki Kenbiki Basic Certification

  • Agatsu Club & Mace Certification

Alex Schenker is a health educator, natural movement trainer, martial arts instructor, and manual therapist with over 15 years of experience in the health & wellness industry. 

Alex explored a myriad of martial and healing arts while growing up. He began his ongoing practice in the Japanese martial arts of Taijutsu in 2004. Alex completed a Shiatsu therapy diploma program after 2 years of study and started his professional practice in 2007. His program and approach included a lot of self-care and Sotai movement therapy, which he gravitated strongly toward. In 2014, Alex was introduced to MovNat and saw its potential to bridge the gap between his martial and healing arts practices.


Throughout his life, Alex explored training approaches such as weight lifting, trail running, rock climbing, Parkour, and CrossFit. Flexibility training and movement skill development such as throwing, jumping, climbing, rolling, and footwork was always a big part of his Taijutsu practice. As a result, he was always more interested in training approaches that helped expand his freedom of movement rather than his aesthetic. MovNat was obviously as far up his alley as anything could get!

In 2017 Alex completed the Level 3 certification. The following year he did the Combatives and Aquatics certification courses deeply enjoying the challenge of each course. Today, Alex remains a student, forever finding greater depths in his current practice.


Alex believes that his task is not to create anything new, but to share the insights of his personal practice in an expression that addresses our need to return to a more natural physical state, connected with our natural environment.

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