About Alex & Natural Mobility

Alex Schenker
Therapist & Instructor

IG: @naturalmobility

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Shiatsu Therapy Society of Canada - LST

  • MovNat Natural Movement Master Trainer - MCT (Level 3, Combatives, Aquatics)

  • Martial Arts Instructor - Taijutsu Shidoshi

  • Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist - FRCms

  • Kinseiryuhou Koshiki Kenbiki Basic Practitioner

Alex Schenker is a health educator, movement coach, martial arts instructor, and manual therapist with over 15 years of experience in the health & wellness industry. As the founder of Natural Mobility, Alex has developed several programs focusing on mobility development, self-healing, self-protection, and skill based movement training. He has a passion for sharing his experience and knowledge with others, and has been fortunate to be able to teach people in various parts of the world, learn from insightful near-masters, and work in collaboration with other professionals participating in scientific studies, and experimental multidisciplinary programs. He tries to simplify what he learns and discovers to present it in a digestible way from which anyone can benefit.

Alex explored a myriad of martial arts while growing up, as well as being introduced to and trained in energy therapy by his mother from childhood. This led him to become a Reiki practitioner at 17, and to discover Taijutsu at 19. At 21 he decided to take a more hands-on approach to his healing arts practice and after a 2 year intensive diploma program became a Zen Shiatsu Therapist. Through this program he learned the Meridian Stretches, and Sotai, continuing to develop and studies these practices from then on. Through his professional practice, he has always known that self-care is the great equalizer, and always emphasized the importance of what is done between sessions, and deeply studied the self-care practices of his Shiatsu discipline.

Throughout his life Alex had tried various forms of movement training such as weight training, running, rock climbing, Parkour, CrossFit, and more. Flexibility training and movement skills development such as throwing, jumping, climbing, rolling, and footwork was a big part of his Taijutsu practice, and so he was more interested in skill development and joint mobilization than aesthetic improvement.

This journey led him to discover FRC in 2015, and the evidence-based nature of this system of mobility development & joint conditioning, helped him better understand the science behind why approaches like Sotai and Meridian Stretching, when done correctly, are so effective.


Alex also began taking certification courses in MovNat in 2015, which took his world of Taijutsu movement skills, and showed him how to share the benefits of learning those skills with the greater population. Everyone can benefit from learning how to fall safely, and move through any environment efficiently with ease. This equals injury prevention, and more movement variety, which our sitting-addicted culture is in desperate need of, rather than sitting at home, then going to the gym to sit on machines and sit on a stationary bike. 

MovNat challenged and inspired him in a unique way, and FRC had him looking at the progression from injury to activity in a new light. After a few years of studying and integrating these two methods into his personal practice and coaching practice, the next big hurdle was how to bring everything he learned together congruently so that other people could benefit from it without being overwhelmed. MovNat, Shiatsu, Sotai, Meridian Stretching, and Taijutsu had to come together as one practice.

MovNat Natural Movement improves how we move in daily life; Meridian Stretching and Shiatsu relieve abnormal tension and pain, Meridian Stretching more generally, and Shiatsu more specifically; Sotai helps to balance and realign the posture and increase range of motion; and Taijutsu teaches us to protect ourselves, not just from violence, but also from mundane things like falling down or slipping. Together these grew together as the 5 roots of Natural Mobility.

Most recently, in 2017 Alex earned the the title of MovNat Master Trainer, which involves completing the level 1, 2, 3, Combatives, and Aquatics certification courses. In 2018 he traveled to Japan and passed a 5th degree black belt test in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, earning the title of Shidoshi (teacher), and making him a licensed martial arts instructor, whereas for the previous 5 years he had been teaching classes under the guidance of a senior instructor.

Alex believes that his task is not to create anything new, but to share these disciplines in an expression that addresses the needs of our world today. That need is to return to a more natural physical state, and be more closely connected with our natural environment. Alex’s role is to share the elements of what he has learned and experienced that can benefit others in a digestible and accessible way for anyone to learn at any age or level of mobility. 

Today, Alex remains a student, continuing to learn from senior instructors of his current disciplines, as well as exploring other approaches and modalities, deepening his understanding and forever expanding his approach.