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What is Natural Mobility
The Five Disciplines of Natural Mobility

Natural Mobility includes a range of 5 disciplines that are integrated into one congruent system. These practices can be combined in various ways, allowing you to focus on self-healing, mobility development, physical adaptability, or a balanced approach in your training sessions.

These include:

Natural Movement

Natural movement usually makes up the emphasis of our practice sessions. These are practical movements that can re-calibrate the way we move in daily life, or be used to build an entire workout program. Whether you are working on fitness or healing, this is a vital part of the process. The five main categories of natural movement include ground movements, bipedal movements, hanging movements, movements of manipulation, and aquatic movements.

Joint Mobilization

Joint mobilizations are simple yet effective movements that prepare the body for physical activity. This practice involves focusing on both individual joint rotations as well as whole-body movements to improve somatic control in key patterns. We also work with Sotai’s reverse-motion approach for structural rebalancing. Joint mobilization is where we start, and often the focus of our warm ups.

Palpation (Self-Shiatsu)

Self-Shiatsu involves the application of finger and palm pressure to muscles and joints to relieve abnormal tension in the body. This method of palpation also includes joint mobilization in conjunction with finger pressure. Shiatsu allows us to really hone in on specific points where simple joint rotations and stretches lack precision. This is usually a brief part of our cooldown. For practitioners focusing on the healing side of training, it will make up a large portion of the emphasis of those sessions.

Meridian Stretching
The Meridian Stretches integrate breathing meditation and conscious relaxation in 6 key positions that stimulate 12 key meridians of the body. This active stretching sequence develops a balance of flexibility and stability. Moreover, this short series of stretches stimulates the free circulation of energy and blood in the body. This is often a key part of our cool down.


Self-protection involves being able to identify a potentially dangerous situation, and being able to adapt and diffuse or remove yourself from danger. Sometimes this involves responding to violence, and other times it just involves breaking a fall after slipping on a patch of ice.


Taijutsu is a complete combative system that integrates safe-falling, methods of breaking contact with an aggressor and escaping, striking, kicking, grappling, and even training against and with a variety of weapons.


Even if you are not particularly interested in learning how to fight, escape for self protection and safe-falling are Taijutsu skills that everyone benefits from learning. This root is taught in specialized classes, and not integrated directly in our regular class.

Experience Natural Mobility

Solo Training Guide

Learn the approach and practice anywhere on your own time. Subscribe to Natural Mobility on YouTube to access tutorials, and basic follow-along sequences to get started on your own at no cost.

Workshops & Classes

There is no better way to get started and continue to improve than to train with a qualified instructor. Regular workshops & classes ensure continuous improvement and immerse you in the practice to learn the basics as well as the subtle complexities.


Personalizing and incrementally updating your practice to best suit your individual needs, goals, and rate of progress is the best way to focus your time and energy. A customized program and plan gives focus as to how you can better build and improve your solo training practice. Book an in-person session or apply for online coaching if you live abroad.

Manual Therapy

Shiatsu & Sotai therapy help to relieve abnormal pain and tension in the body, restore natural postural alignment, and even balance the organ system to help regulate internal processes by stimulating the free flow of energy in the body. Self-care exercises are prescribed to practice daily in between sessions to address each individual's unique needs.

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