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Alex Schenker
Therapist & Instructor

Alex Schenker is a professional movement teacher, martial arts instructor, and manual therapist specializing in mobility development, and natural movement training.

Alex's mother is a yoga teacher, and an energy healer. Naturally, he was raised with energy work and meditation. At 17 he became a Reiki practitioner, which lead him to begin studying Shiatsu therapy through a 2 year diploma program in 2005. He has been practicing professionally ever since, picking up a few other complementary practices along the way. His training has left him with some interesting corrective exercises that he integrates in his classes and one on one sessions, including the yoga-like Meridian Exercises, self-Shiatsu, and Sotai structural realignment exercises.


Alex dabbled in many martial arts throughout his childhood and adolescence before finally finding Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and falling into that rabbit hole. After 14 years of training, Alex visited the headquarters in Japan to test for his 5th degree black belt and became a Shidoshi (instructor).

Most recently, Alex has become a MovNat Master Trainer; this entails completing the level 1, 2, and 3 certifications, as well as the Aquatics and Combatives certifications. MovNat is a system of fitness and physical education based on restoring human movement potential through exploring Natural Movements and building efficiency in movement skills.


Alex teaches small-group classes, as well as providing one-on-one therapeutic treatments and MovNat training sessions.


  • Shiatsu Therapy Diploma

  • MovNat Natural Movement - Level 3 Certification

  • MovNat Combatives Certification

  • MovNat Aquatics Certification

  • Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Godan (5th degree black belt)

  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist Certification


  • Licensed Shiatsu Therapist / Sotai Practitioner

  • Natural Movement Master Trainer

  • Mobility Development Coach

  • Kinseiryuhou Koshiki Kenbiki Basic Practitioner

  • Bujinkan Shidoshi (Instructor)

What Our Clients Say
MovNat Natural Movement Training
A health and fitness discipline based on the practice of human movement including quadrupedal locomotion, balancing, climbing, running, lifting, and much more.
Merdian Stretching
Shiatsu's system of stretching and mobilization that aims to balance the build up of tension in the body and promote the natural circulation of subtle energy.
Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
A Japanese system of self defense integrating strikes, kicks, blocks, joint locks, throws, holds, chokes, leaping, rolling, body conditioning, strategy, and much more.
Functional Range Conditioning
A comprehensive joint conditioning system to increase mobility and movement potential, improve the function of the nervous system, and safeguard your joints.
Sotai Therapy & Exercise

A Japanese method of movement therapy and exercise for structural alignment, mobilization and relief of abnormal pain and tension.

Shiatsu Therapy

A Japanese form of pressure point therapy for relief of pain, and abnormal tension, as well as increased circulation.

Kinseiryuhou Koshiki Kenbiki Therapy

A Japanese therapy that involves adjusting the alignment of the tendons of the body to relieve pain, abnormal tension, and structural disorders.

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